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To be fair, in that sport they are scored on keeping their legs together. It has nothing to do with efficiency or anything like that. Feet come apart, you lose.

Not entirely true.  Granted "looking cool" is something most of us desire in our skiing.  However there is no mention of stance width in the scoring criteria. for moguls.  It is more efficient to have the feet close together in the ruts and troths.




  • Turns count for 60% of the score. This is a technical evaluation by judges, includes the rhythmic changes in direction of travel to either side of the fall line (the shortest line from start to finish), using an aggressive, controlled technique. Carve turns. The skier should not skid or plough. The head should remain still, facing downhill. The chest should also stay straight and natural. Hands stay in front of the body in a natural position. Pole plants should be light and well-timed.[3]
  • Air (jumps) counts for 20% of the score. Air is scored in two parts: form and difficulty. Jumps include flips, loops, rotations (helicopters/360,720), and upright jumps such as a spread eagle.[3]
  • Speed counts for 20% of the score. The Pace Speed for the moguls is 8.2 m/s for ladies and 9.7 m/s for men.[3]


In anything but absolute speed events skiers in general tend to keep their feet a little closer together than would be absolutely necessary or most optimal for performance.  We all want to look cool while doing it.