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mid fat skis(90mm waist) length

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I am interested in buying this skis (Nordica Hot Rod Helldiver, http://www.nordica.com/site/ski.php?site=2&lang=1&id=21) but have concern about its length. The smallest size is 170cm, which is 5 cm taller than my height.

Are they too long? From what I read, the length of skis could be longer than you height if you skill is advanced and if it is a all-mountain (fat?) skis.

My current skis are 160cm with 70mm waist (also Nordica). I am a advanced skier (155lb, 165cm) with 20+ days each season, mostly in Tahoe area.

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I think the best description of ski length is that longer skis give you more stability while shorter skis may feel more maneuverable.  An advanced skier should ski on the longest ski they can comfortably maneuver.   General rules on sizing skis are just that, general.  As a ski gets wider, and is intended for more off-piste use, they should also get longer for stability and performance.  The best bet is to demo skis and learn where size and your ability come together best.   Barring that, you are an advanced skier who skis on variable Tahoe snow.  This ski length actually makes a lot of sense in that use, even if it is a couple inches taller than you.   


A better question is what is taking you to the Helldiver?  What are your terrain objectives?  This is a relatively heavy ski with a lot of shape and pretty heavy with integrated bindings.  Not criticizing the choice, but wondering what went into it.

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Three reasons why I got into Nordica Helldiver.

1. Found a good deal online, $420 with binding for 2010 model (CA, not Ti).

2. My narrow skis are Nordica and I have no complain about it.

3. I am looking for 90-100mm waist skis. I picked the waist range after demoed 4 pairs of skis with waist of 85 - 102 mm on my last day (powder day) of season at Kirkwood.


Thanks for comments.

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I think you will be fine.

If you can't ski a ski 5 cm taller than your head without problems, it's about time you learned.

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Kirkwood has continued to have powder days this year, long after closing LOL.  I wonder if we will ever see summer at this rate.  I think there are some good reviews on that ski, and have no doubt 170 will work well for you in that ski.   Hope to see you up there.

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