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Any past or present military guys or gals out there? How often do you get to ski? - Page 2

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Number of things to consider like the length of the required active service.  There are options I would explore like ... now you will see how old I am and things have changed.  The Army offered me a deal with no degree into the WO (Warrant Officer), program.  Sadly I was also juggling a special deal with the Nav for OCS (war on and at times you can get "O" status with no degree.  The bad news was that the average life of a HU1E pilot was like ten minutes at the time.


I guess my point is if you want to "soldier" for "f" around.  Me, I was an aviation mech and I hated it.  It was like working in a garage for double shifts a day and then strapping on a weapon for a few hours.


One of my other "Daddy what did you do .... " stories is how I pulled "Ketchup Cap Detail" for like almost a month in the galley waiting for training to start.  I had to wash & dry thousand caps ... three times a day ... and fill the bottles.


Think each "MOS" through.  Be clear on what you want to do.  There were plenty of guys who wanted to and liked being mechs.  Me, I should have gone Army and probably MP or something.




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It's such a big decision.  National Gaurd might be a better option because of the education benefits.  Doing that would give me a feel for the military with a little freedom, maybe?  The whole Iraq thing just sucks.  If I don't want to be in an environment where I shoot people and am shot at there are not alot of options.  No matter what your a soldier first and could be in those situations.

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US Navy 4 yrs as enlisted, single no baggage.

First 15 months Great Lakes Ill. Basic training and ET School (ratings E1,E2,E3). Not much time for, with very little $ for skiing, and very small hills/ski areas  no transportation to get to them anyways.

Second 15 months Gitmo, Cuba. Shore duty (rating E4) Plenty of time $ not terrible, hills with no snow, so it was scuba and snorkling. (don't forget drinking)

Third 18 months aboard ship (rating E5). Homeport San Diego only spent 6 months total there all summer time, other 12 months was on deployment mostly South China Sea (Tonkin Gulf, remember Nam) - No snow there, although went water skiing a couple of times.


Remember this - - - -


A Sailor's place is on a ship and a Ships place is at sea.


A memorable 4 yrs. but I don't care to repeat it. Never skied once, went up to Big Bear to party :-) a few times - but it was summer :-( .

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I spent a long stretch on Duva ... aka ... Guam.  People say they are "In Guam" ... you are never in Guam.  You may be on it but never in it.  Now except for the lack of females the surf was not half bad .... my point is adapt ... there is always something to do.


OK, I did flip out after about a year and went home "for Christmas" ...... went up to Stratton; the old Strat was pretty cool, to ski cause' I was flipping out not skiing.  I forget her name but she and a bunch of other stews had this ski house, flew for some airline that had a Pentagon contract and ....


Went around a bit and came home with jungle rot .. beer was cold ... life was on the move ....

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"Ketchup cap detail", sounds like a riot!

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I think I would start to flip out from not getting to ski for a long time as well.

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Nice pic. Where is that?

No place on this planet.;-) I skied while in the service. NW Arctic Training Center, AK. There really wasn't much else to do but drink beer. So you need to be in an MOS that applies to Winter Warfare. Met. Ob./Special Forces/10th Mt. or just tell them you want to be a cook.:-0

You'll be skiing places like this in no time.


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Ha Ha.

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In Slider's first pic, you might notice ENGLAND and FRANCE in the background. Second pic...note pole's shadow not matching African sunset in background (maybe not Africa, but you get idea). Nice 'shopping Slider.

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Bullshit! Your kidding, right.  Another sweet pic.

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Obviously not real skiing pics.  Still cool pics though.  I wonder if he has any good skiing pics that are not doctored up. 

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Very funny.

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Originally Posted by GLem View Post

Obviously not real skiing pics.  Still cool pics though.  I wonder if he has any good skiing pics that are not doctored up. 

Oh I've got a few pow pics floating around here. Do a search.

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You're getting great advice.  I'll second what Yuki said about being clear on training.  Don't go by the "title" of the MOS either; they always sound sexier than they really are - Supply Logistics mean you work in a sweltering hot or freezing cold warehouse moving boxes.


Also consider that if you pick a field to go into, that field may never be stationed where you want to go.  My first four years there were 2 places in NC, CA and Okinawa each for me.  Once I re-enlisted there were a few more but mostly in the same States.


Let's say you pick the Navy and want to be a Corpsman.  Chances are you'll end up where the Navy has hospitals or clinics (land and sea) unless you aren't lucky and instead you get sent to a Marine unit (Marines focus on the other end of the cycle of life so they use the Navy for medical) that will take you with them where ever and when ever they go.


When picking a field, consider the training.  I went into electronics.  Great field right (was in the 70's & 80's).  The first two weeks was 8 hours a day of math!  Then the boring stuff came.  This went on for over a year!  Being stationed for school at 29 Palms CA didn't help matters.  Middle of the frickin' Mohave Desert.  It isn't like high school or college.  Once you start a course, you stay on topic until you are done.  I took an electronics course my senior year.  The course lasted my entire senior year.  The Marine Corps completed the same course in just over a week.


If you flunk out, you don't get out.  Now you have not held up your end of the bargain so they pick a new field for you.  Something that won't be as challenging.  Most of the guys that funked out of radio repair (where I was) went to radio operator.  So now, instead of fixing radios in a climate controlled maintenance shelter, they got to carry the radio (25# plus spare batteries) along with all their other gear.  The rest went to artillery.  That was my motivation to pass. 


If you can narrow down the field you really really want, find someone that was RECENTLY in it and ask them what their life is/was really like.  Shouldn't be hard to find someone nowadays.  Usually you get to pick the field and the Service will pick the exact job - YMMV.  So going into the computer field and you could end up fixing computers, working on networks installing LAN lines or something similar.  I've been out for 12 years so it may be different now but most all the services worked things fairly similar and tended to use the same schools.  I've been to Air Force schools though I was in the Marines (great duty by the way - being a Marine on an Air Force base rocks!).

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Thanks for the support.  I'm actually looking at the Army now.  I'll be taking the Asvab test soon but I have not signed up yet.  I have to work out some details first.  The National Guard to get college paid for sounds like a good deal to. Then I could go in as an officer.

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