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Suggestion for my son

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My son and daughter recently flip-flopped as to who was the skier and who was the snowboarder. My son is about 5'3" and he played football (and weighs 120 lbs). He has short legs but they are really muscular. He was miserable in rental boots last year-finally getting some relief in Wms Nordicas, Mondo 25

I have no problem in buying him some boots for next year. My question, which brands tend to have the cuffs large enough for big volume calves. I have no problem getting him Wms boots again if his legs are still too short for the Mns versions


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can you try on a few boots and see what is the best starting point.  Then the boot fitter can move buckles, add heel lifts, move  cuffs, change F lean all to make this better.


Just about every brand will make a boot that is close, but it is trying them on that will help the most.

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Some of the Head edge boots have an added adjustment to the rear of the boot which opens up to help accommodate wide calf's. Tecnica's phoenix series are generous in the calf area. If you are able to see a boot fitter they will evaluate these areas. Good luck

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Rental boots are notorious junk.  Few people are comfortable in them.  It surprises me the people that start in rental boots and even stay with the sport.


You don't say what size your son actually is in Mondo.  In my experience 25 would typically be large for a 12 year old.



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