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iPhone/iPod touch DOF calculators:

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iPhone/iPod touch DOF Calculators:


The subject of iPhone apps for depth-of-field (DOF) calculations came up in another thread, and I thought, "Gee, what a great idea!" So, I went and searched the Apple apps store. Only two DOF calculator apps came up when I searched: "DOF Master" ($1.99), and "Simple DOF Calculator" ($1.99). I first purchased, and downloaded, "Simple DOF Calculator," since it seemed to have the easier data entry interface (rolling selections, like a slot machine). However, the moment I tried it out on my iPod touch, I realized that neither app displays DOF data in inches, just the decimal-equivalent in feet! It's not always immediately obvious, for example, that "0.09 feet" equals 1.08 inches. So, I dug a little deeper, and performed a Google search for iPhone DOF apps, and I found two more:


1. FieldTools (free): a nice "slider" style DOF calculator. Cool thing about this one--it's free!

2. PhotoCalc ($2.99): Top pick! Displays DOF data in feet and inches! Plus, includes some cool, useful extras!


Both, available from the Apple app store. The unique thing about PhotoCalc, as I said, is that it displays DOF info in both feet and inches. It even specifies a circle-of-confusion diameter. Also, PhotoCalc has a HUGE supported camera/formats database. In addition, PhotoCalc also includes a few other neat features that the other calculators don't: a flash guide-number calculator, a solar calculator (sunrise/sunset/twilight times), and a neat little reference section including: a photo terms glossary, a list of "zone system" definitions, the "sunny 16" rule, short-list of film stocks, and basic filter factor data. Kinda everything you need to know, but nothing more (no silly, "how to take better pictures with your new digital camera" tutorials). I love this little app--get it! It's great!

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Looks like I'll buy PhotoCalc - thanks for the tip!

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Sure thing, WTFH!


It was thanks to you, that I even discovered these apps. I bought both the Simple DOF Calculator and PhotoCalc, and found that I actually use them both! I really love how PhotoCalc stores a bunch of different cameras for you in a list, so you don't have to keep picking different bodies and formats.


For those of you that DON'T own iPhones, I would recommend you get an iPod touch. Not only are they fun for the usual things (music, photos, etc.), but you don't have a monthly cell/data bill, and you can benefit from neat little photo apps like these--plus, thousands of other cool apps that don't need cellular connectivity to be useful. iPod touches still work like a mobile data device if you're anywhere near a WiFi router (e.g., your home, coffee shop, hotel, etc.).


For those of you that own a Nikon D90, I would also recommend Ken Rockwell's Nikon D90 iPhone/iPod touch app ($4.99). It's a great-looking app, and it's far easier to carry my iPod touch in my camera bag than a D90 manual. I also bought it as a small payback for all the great reviews and Nikon information I've culled from his site.


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Ooops! Here's another cool, DOF app, which also displays inches . . .


A Visual DOF Calc ($1.99)


As the name implies, it's more "visual." Also available in the Apple apps store.



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Do you use this with you 3.15-15.75" zoom?


I remember the days of 1.38" film cameras. That's why I like my 5D (or should that be 0.19D)


For some things I work in feet & inches, but I'm tending to stick with metric for most things as it's easier to calculate (base 10, not base 12 etc)

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