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Fresh Tracks at Stowe

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The 2nd Annual Fresh Tracks event at Stowe ended on Friday. What a week it was!! Every possible snow and weather condition, from knee and thigh deep powder to a foot of crud. The weather ranged from beautiful sunshine to an Arctic blizzard, the likes of which I have never seen at Stowe.

The coaches for this event were:

Dave Merriam who had the topic of "living on the edge"

Terry Barbour "power steering"

Stu Campbell "transitions"

Barb Marshall "challenging conditions"

Bob Barnes "short and sweet--turns that is"

Yes, we actually persuaded Bob Barnes to delay his return to Colorado, and spend 2 days skiing and playing with the Stowe Ski School instructors. I think the experience engendered a great amount of mutual respect!

There were 52 participants, who were divided into 4 teams, each of whom skied 6 half-days with the coaches, thus we were all able to ski with each coach at least once.

We had a generous buffet dinner on Monday night, with an absolute minimum of speechifying!

Just the opportunity to ski with such a unique group of talented coaches was breathtaking, especially as the focus was mainly on skiing, and less on exercise lines.

The purpose of this week are mainly to get everyone revved up for the season, to generate esprit d'corps within the Ski School, and to inspire us to aspire to emulate the great talent coaching us.
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Skiswift, It was nice to meet you during your lunch break on Monday. It sounds like Fresh Tracks is a great way to get the troops headed in the right direction. Every snow sport school should have the opportunity to ski with a group of great coaches. My experience at last years ESA really stoked the passion to share with my clients the insights and enthusiasm I experienced. You are fortunate to have a great staff.

I'd like to get to it now while the ETU is fresh in my mind but unfortunately, my home hill has yet to open due to the untimely death of the president of the new company that purchased the area.

Best regards and Season's greetings to all the Bears at Stowe.
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