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Good-Better-Best Ski Resorts -- Ratings Categories

Poll Results: In what categories should we be rating ski areas/resorts here at EpicSki?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 11% of voters (14)
  • 21% of voters (26)
  • 21% of voters (26)
  • 10% of voters (12)
  • 3% of voters (4)
    Park and Pipe
  • 9% of voters (11)
    Family Friendly
  • 1% of voters (2)
  • 5% of voters (6)
    Services (snowsports school, equipment, rentals, etc.)
  • 3% of voters (4)
    Other Activities (spa, shopping, Nordic XC, snowmobiling,etc.)
  • 11% of voters (14)
119 Total Votes  
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I'd like your help in building a wiki called Good, Better, Best Ski Resorts. But first, we need to come up with the categories we want to rate. This poll invites you to vote to include a given category on the list. You may vote for as many categories as you wish. This poll is also to improve the categories in the resort reviews:



Value 5 star rating

Downhill Terrain 4.5 star rating

Family Friendly 4.5 star rating

Nightlife 3 star rating

Terrain Park 3 star rating


Please feel free to suggest that we change the wording of a category or add another category. This is a collaboration. 


Thanks for helping out!

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Also suggest a category for Lifts and Lines.

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Could I also suggest that we have a bit which gives an idea of the number of other ski areas/countries the reviewer has skied in so that readers can have a better understanding of the breadth of their experience.


(What I mean is that if you've only been to one ski area, it is the best (and the worst) that you know. While your review will not be a comparison to other places, you have the advantage of knowing that ski area better than someone who has only been there once or twice.)

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Instead of "trees", perhaps aiming it more towards on and off piste terrain categories? 


How about a location for a quick link to the areas' website too? 

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The whole experience is much more than just the hill.  Parking, lodges, food and drinks, crowds/lines, convenience (tickets, lifts), accommodations, ski school, rentals are all relevant categories that can make or break the experience.   The convenience to airports and good quality roads may be very important to some, and not to others.  I wonder if there is a way to structure ratings so that if something being rated is not part of the reviewer's experience or priorities, it could be left blank, or answered "did not use"?

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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post

The whole experience is much more than just the hill.  .....   The convenience to airports and good quality roads may be very important to some, and not to others. 

For those  having to fly into ski country, convenience and accessibility to transportation weighs into decision of travel plans.  Big Sky is a great ski mountain but takes all day to get there..if ya lucky.  In 5 hrs I'm in Summit or Snowmass....CO gets the nod most everytime.

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The problem is if you make all the categories of equal importance, then food starts to be just as important as terrain and I think we'll all agree it is NOT.  There needs to be some kind of weighting system somewhere or a way for people to tell if someone's "overall" is heavily skewed towards how easy it was for THEM to get to.  So, for me to get to CO, I have to drive two days or take connecting flights.  For someone else, it's a direct flight. 

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The idea for now is to create a wiki that will give us Good-Better-Best in each category. I agree that trying to arrive at the overall best resort would be difficult if not pointless. This thread is only to narrow down the categories. Once that's done, we'll do a thread for each category, then compile the results in a wiki. Unless someone has a better idea?

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Closest major airport


Weekend and Holiday Crowd factor (based on lift lines and people on the hill)


Weekday                    "                                                                           "


Lodging - on the hill or how close

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Why have "terrain" and "trees"? Isn't trees part of terrain? Or I'm missing the meaning of "terrain" entirely...? I also don't quite get the rational of singling out "trees". What about steeps or chutes, bumps and groomers?


Equally confusing but in a different way is "snow". It changes depending on the time of year. Steamboat often has great powder early but sucks by late March. But Squaw doesn't come into its own until almost March!


OK, the catagories that are better defined (in my view) are:


- Family Friendly

- Park and Pipe

- Nightlife

- Lodgine

- Value (maybe)


Though I suspect part of the reason I found them "well defined" maybe because I don't know enough (about Family, Park, Nightlife).

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Terrain to me is separate from trees.  Terrain is underfoot.  Some places have trees, some have none.  EVERYWHERE has terrain.

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 I second the vote for a category for lift lines (quantified maybe - e.g. less than 5 minutes, less than 15 minutes etc.)


Also what about separating out ski school from the rest of 'services' ?  IMHO ski school is in an entirely different category and is often accessed by different people from rental shops (e.g. many skiers have their own gear and may not use rental services, but may sign up for lessons, bumps clinics etc. Conversely some experienced skiers travel to an area and rent their skis locally to avoid baggage fees, but don't need lessons etc. etc.)

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I agree with others though, trees seems a little too specific to be on there. If you're going to include that you should really include steeps, bowls, chutes, groomers, beginner terrain, etc. etc. 

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Must be summer already...


Leave the trees in. good to separate terrain types. what is good "terrain" for some is not so for others... For instance... Expert terrain...steeps and off piste (including hike-to and back country access), groomers (some people like them), Bumps, beginner/intermediate terrain, parks and pipe.


Ski school should be separate from other services.


How about listing categories alphabetically so there's no implied priority.


accessibility. Not as in airport or parking, but for skiers w/disabilities. maybe a subcategory under services or ski school?


hard to make crowds/lift lines and lifts the same. Some of the least crowded resorts have the creakiest lifts. Some care about the line, some actually care if they are detachable high speed wonders. Mabye on-mountain amenities, including lifts and lodges one category and then crowds - or lack thereof another.


good idea to not do an overall score. So people only rate those things they actually know and care about. Fox had good idea for reviewer to indicate how well they know the resort they are reviewing. Maybe not count how often one's been, but first timer, devotee or local category could weight the review?

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On the lift issue, I also think there is a difference between are the lifts FAST or whatever, is the lift system well laid out, and are the lifts able to handle the crowds adequately?  Some resorts I've been to the lifts deliver you to an area and then the trail system is such that getting back out of whereever you end up is difficult.  I've actually been stranded at more than one resort by getting lost and having to hoof it back to the main area because of lifts that only run on weekends and stuff like that.  (And no, I'm not ducking ropes, just missing some turn or other.)

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