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what ski to bring to a mogul camp ?

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After years of frustration, I decided to take a mogul camp this summer, the question is what ski to bring, I have Dynastar legend 8000 - 157cm, and mystic rider -172cm. my mystic rider is quite heavy.

I can even consider buying another ski for this trip, but what ski ? I would prefer all mountain ski but good in bumps. my Stat, 150lb, 5'7", level 7.




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I've done a couple of bump camps.  When I posed this question to Chuck Martin of Mogul Logic he told me that the techniques they teach will be easier to grasp and perfect on a dedicated bump ski.  He also told me that they would be glad to teach me regardless of what ski I was on.


I'm not familiar with the Dynastars you listed, nor am I familiar with their Trouble Maker but I do hear that ski mentioned over and over as an all mountain ski that's very well suited to bumps.  From my personal experience I can recommend the K2 PE (Extreme) and the Blizzard Cronus as very versatile boards that are really fun in the bumps.


Have fun!

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+1 on the PE/Extremes for an all around ride that can also shred bumps.

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You might call the camp folk and see if any reps might be there.   Some of the internet shops have dedicated mogul skis. A dedicated bump ski will make your camp experience easier and most likely better.


being soft in the tips allows you to run the shovel into the frontside for some absorbtion/speed control.

stiff shovels, skis with metal will not be happy doing this


moguls skis are generally quite light, so it easier to be fast and twitchy as needed.


If I were going (its on the list), I would beg/borrow/steal/buy a bump ski.   ymmv


have fun - let us know how it goes...

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thank you all for the advise.

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I think the 8000's will work fine and if the instructors want you in something different thy might have a "deal" to put you in what they want you to try.

Soft and narrow might work better but I wouldn't spend money on a specialty ski to take the lessons and then not be able use it in the future?

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I took my legend 8ks to multiple bump camps and they were fine.  Only about 20% of the skiers at the camp I went to (Momentum) had mogul skis.  If you can get a hold of a pair its helpful but not that necessary.  The 8k is a nice mogul ski for a ski that is not a dedicated mogul ski.  Have fun!

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