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BMI or Waist/Height ratio....

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With cycle season upon us and cycle fitness on my mind, I stumbled across this article that has me in the Extremely Slim category



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The WHtR is calculated by dividing waist size by height, and takes gender into account. As an example, a male with a 32 inch waist who is 5'10" (70 inches) would divide 32 by 70, to get a WHtR of 45.7 percent. The WHtR is thought to give a more accurate assessment of health since the most dangerous place to carry weight is in the abdomen. Fat in the abdomen, which is associated with a larger waist, is metabolically active and produces various hormones that can cause harmful effects, such as diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and altered lipid (blood fat) levels. 
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I'm glad to see that someone is finally figuring out that BMI is too vague.  My BMI is 26.4; overweight.  My WHtR is 43.4%; healthy.  While some think that BMI is harmless, so long as you know what your real condition is, if taking a physical for life insurance, the underwriter sets rates where BMI is considered, it will cost you more.  It's a flawed measure and the WHtR is much more useful and telling.

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