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Thanks for the work on this so far. As others have said, we should organise it around the instructors. I'm not sure how many of us from Europe are thinking of going. From my point of view, I'll be skiing in December, probably in Vail, a trip over Christmas to Austria/Switzerland, then the trip in February. I'm not sure if my bank account would stretch to another seperate week, but don't plan everything around me (but I'd like it if you would! )

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Now that I have a new job that pays better and gives me more vacation time, I think I could make it. I'd have to somehow convince the wife, though. I could participate from either side. If needed, I could teach, if not, I know how to shut up and ski pretty well too.

I sort of like the idea of flying into Denver, skiing at Copper, then maybe renting a couple of large vans or something, and driving over to Utah, then flying home from SLC. I know there are shuttles from DIA to Summit County, but are there similar ways to get back to the SLC airport from LCC an/or BCC?

If you think about it, it's probably an 8 hour drive to SCL. To fly, it's a 1.5 hr ride to DIA from Copper (assuming no traffic), to get there 2 hours before the flight, to fly for an hour, and take an hour to get your skis and bags and get to the resort. So it only saves 2.5 hours to fly, and will probably cost more, and split up the group. And we wouldn't have to worry about scheduling around the airlines flight schedule. We could ski till noon, leave at 1:00, and get there around 9:00.
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I'm usually booked from a couple days before the Presidents Day weekend through the weekend following the holiday. At the ski school we seldom talk about P-day weekend but about P-day week. I try to get as many days of f the week following P-day week as I can because I can expect 1 or 0 days off during March.

I would at this point like to add my voice to Bob's that in future late January/early February be the time frame looked at for major bear gatherings. These slower periods are best for skiing, cost, and ability for those of us who are instructors to make it.

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re transport in Utah, LCC or BCC to SLC yes there are vans and shuttles. "Canyon transport", "powder to the people", and I'm sure many more.
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The only thing I know about my schedule at this date is that the week of Jan. 11-18 is out. : Other dates are negotiable. I prefer SLC because it's a 7 hour drive from our mile marker; Summit is more like 12 hours.
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OK, I may get shot down for this, but what about moving the Utah gathering to earlier, if it suits the instructors better?

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Maybe, if we want to get some instructor Bears to show in Utah, we need to change the dates of the Bears Gathering?

But for me, I'm not going to be into any kind of instruction. I'm going to Utah to rip it up and get as much vertical in as possible! But some, may want some instruction.

So here's the questions.

1) Should we change the meeting date to accomodate instructor Bears?

2) If we do change the annual meeting to Thursday February 6th, thru Sunday February 9th, which instructor Bears would come?

I don't want to hear "maybe" or "well, I think so". I want commitments! You're either in or out.

So first things first. Let's nail down the date of the Bears meeting (and we're not changing it this time), then we'll figure out this Camp Dealio.

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I was just going to post and then I saw SCSA's addition. It seems to me that the simplest model is to combine a pre-gathering "camp" with a ski gathering. SLC (or Colorado) offer a plethora of opportunities to switch between resorts for variety between these two "events." It sure simplifies things to have them in the same general location. Given President's Day's occrence in 2003 (Feb. 17?)it seems like it would require moving the gathering, however, as suggested by SCSA.
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Originally posted by Bob.Peters:

Weems, is the "Too Tall" you're referring to Victor G who used to work for the Jackson Hole Ski School? If so, say hi for me.

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Originally posted by Ydnar:

I would at this point like to add my voice to Bob's that in future late January/early February be the time frame looked at for major bear gatherings. These slower periods are best for skiing, cost, and ability for those of us who are instructors to make it.

I agree.

Also, for most pros, early March and early April are pretty quiet.
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As much as I really had my heart set on Utah for next year's gathering, maybe the simplest solution is to have both the ski camp and the gathering in Colorado. In an ideal world, all the pros would be able to come to Utah, but I don't think that would be feasible for Weems, Bob Barnes, Wigs, Tom Burch, the "Vail pros" anyone who is a major player at their home mountain.

Someone mentioned the idea of having people work with 2 different pros in a day. This makes sense! Some of us are at different levels, and this would keep people from "hogging the favorites!" [img]smile.gif[/img]

I also think that this should be the instructors chance to come up with something that they really want to teach, a certain sort of clinic that is not offered at their home mountain. If you have ideas, let us know about them!

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I sent Ed an email. Here it is:


The consensus is that if we change the date, more instructors can come. Judging from the posts, the last weekend in January seems to be more "instructor friendly". What do you think?

Let's you and I decide, then we'll announce it. From there, no changes. If not everyone can make it, sorry, there's always next year.

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It must be nice to live in such a black and white world, such as yours. Once in a great while, I get envious of those whose lives fit in a nice little box.
If there is one thing that runs through most of the threads about instructing, it is how hard we have to work to make it work. And like most instructors, everyday we take off, it costs us serious$$$.
Having said that, I would really enjoy participating in this "camp". But to expect any pro to be able to commit, unequivocably at this point in time, is a bit unrealistic. Go ahead, pick your dates, and I'll see what I can do to arrange my schedule around them.
Or, if any bears happen to be skiing Vail at any time, please let me know you are there.

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I wasn't even going to touch changing the annual gathering in Utah, since 150 or so posts and a lot of time and energy have gone into setting that up. But as we've discussed, other dates--particularly January and earlier February--are more instructor-friendly, and less crowded on the slopes. And we are also more likely to be able to arrange good deals on lodging and lift tickets during these slower times.

All ski seasons have business peaks and valleys, but this past season was like nothing I've ever seen. Instructors in Colorado seemed always either overworked, begging for a day off, or starving, begging for work. Anything that can help smooth out these peaks and valleys for the ski industry, and especially for instructors, would be GREATLY appreciated!

The thought of holding "the camp" and "the gathering" in the same location, consecutively, had occured to me also. But with Utah only a bus-ride from Colorado, skiing both places would still hold most of the advantages, and add the opportunity to ski two different regions. I'd favor it!

I still like the idea of a 4-day camp Sunday through Thursday, followed by "the gathering" over the next weekend. I realize that it's a lot of time commitment for many people. But for those who could swing it, it would be one FANTASTIC ski experience!

How about the week of February 2 (Sunday) through February 9 (Sunday)? As in the past, those who could do it might want to extend the "gathering" another day to Monday, or beyond.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I think this is a good idea! Since a very, very, very small minority of us may find the Utah terrain a tad challenging, having the ski camp first would be a great idea.

As much as the original date of the gathering was good because it came out on a holiday week, some people, especially those coming from overseas, may have to pay through the nose for airfare.

I know for the instructors any time we choose will be lost work time, but please keep in mind that this is not a freebie charity event. Hopefully, we can figure out a way for you to make more than you would on your regular schedule, at the same time keeping it reasonably priced for everyone else.
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This is looking GREAT -- thanks to all you guys who are working so hard on it!
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I've taken the lead on next years Bears Meeting -only because no one else will.

There is now an official thread started, "2003 Barking Bears Gathering - Official Thread". It's in Meet On the Hill Planning.


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I've organised 3 internet skiing get-togethers in past years, and have found that it's essential for some central person or group to ride point on it.
Basically after the usual discussion, someone has to set the dates, book accommodation and arrange the main functions (skiing, eating, whatever), and basically say: we'll be at this place on these dates. Accommodation: (list the options with a time frame), and have a list of options for late=bookers. The thing can grow from there, but you need something concrete to start with.

there'll always be those who need to book really early, like now! So you make the decision and do it. And there'll always be people who can plan toward it, if it's definitely happening, and there'll be those who need to be able to book quite late, as their schedules won't be clear until then (like instructors).
But having the thing set and definite is important.

We used to communicate with an email list of core participants, plus put up regular updates on the public forum. Some joined the core group, others did their own planning, but set it so they were in the same area at the same time, and joined in some events. It is vital to get money off people; promises are nice, but...
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Okay, so the Utah gathering was changed to the 30 th of January. I'd like to make astrong pitch that the ski camp happens BEFORE the Utah gathering, perhaps from Sunday the 26th, to Wed. the 29th, with wed. being a half day to allow for travel to Utah. Bob, Weems, does that work for you?

Also, since you are both key players at your respective resorts, does having this at either Copper or Aspen affect either of your abilities to participate?
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Lisamarie, normally I can travel to events if that's what you're asking. In this case, those dates turn out to be right in the middle of our prep for the XGames so it's hard to get out. For me, my travel times are usually easier, early March and early April.

However, it is important in this event to not plan it around one person's schedule. If I can't make this one, I'll make the next.

The offer to hold it in Aspen, however, is still open. And I'm sure Copper is still open as well.
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Hmmm. Maybe we should play with the dates, then. I don't know whose idea it was to change the Utah date, but maybe we should try to arrange it at a time when the ski camp, either prior {preferably} or after is convenient to at least a good portion of the pros.
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In the future I'm with weems on "March and early April". I'd love to come but my competition and training schedule doesn't work out in mid-season.
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If you intend to come to the ski camp please post to the poll in Meet-On-The-Hill Planning. The information gleaned there will help maximize the number of participants, and ensure that the clinic will fit the needs of all involved.


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