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I think what is going to happen is that everyone will have certain instructors picked and will want to ski with those instructors because of certain specialties they feel those instructors have. I think its going to boil down to half the potential instructors want to clinic with certain instructors for the same reason, to pick their brains. I think the instructors that are picked to teach will almost be appointed and anointed with what the members want them to teach, regardless of what those instructors may want to teach.
If you want to teach and have anybody show up at you're clinic, you will have to teach what others consider to be your specialty. This is just my opinion.
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Good point. My post above was from a prespective of someone who is not an instructor and has not skied with anyone on this forum. So treat it as such.

It would also be helpfull to separate those who teach and those who learn. For non-instructors ski-off and group rotation format would probably work, for instructors I am not the one to judge. Price wise it should be the same, if you are a student you chip in regardless of whether you go into instructor groups or regular groups.

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I would be happy to ski with ANY of the instructors/coaches who are there. I have certain preferences on whom I'd like to work with, but I'm not going to cry if I don't get to do so! I think it would be great just to have all that talent and fun grouped together.

I hope we can get something going for April or May 2002... even if it's done only halfway compared to next year's event.
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Got this mailed to me this morning:

Celebrate spring with a trip to Vail, April 1-14, 2002 and take advantage of Vail's Mountain Madness Package at just $399 per person!

Package includes: 4-nights lodging, a 3-day adult lift ticket, one full day adult group lesson or expert guide, ski and snowboard demo day, Saturday party with 2 free beers or soft drinks, dinner at one of Vail's finest restaurants, an Adventure Ridge activity, free admission and special offers at participating local bars, and a free Vail Mountain Madness T-Shirt! Children's packages are also available. Plus, you can lengthen your stay with additional lodging nights, days of lift tickets and lessons.

Just in case you missed the important bit, I'll repeat it:

<marquee style="color: #FF00FF; font-family: Times New Roman; font-weight: bold; font-size: 18pt; font-style: italic" scrollamount="4" scrolldelay="40">2 free beers</marquee>

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This i would do, pending status of small children and babies.. Colarado, Vail, sounds great.
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[img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Can we fuse the thoughts in this thread with the thoughts in the Utah week thread? Not that I am angling for a lesson, free or for hire, but I would love to ski with some of the folks who posted in this thread. After all Epicski seems to have some of the planets best skiers. And while I love to post, it is like talking sex is to sex, a pale gauzy image of the original.

[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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To continue this thread some 3 months later... Ever considered Whistler? Vancouver has an international airport and has shuttles (or limos) that go up to Whistler. Plus, the US dollar goes a LOOOONG way in Canada.

And yes I am a little partial to Whistler since it is a short 5 hour drive from my house. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Snowy :

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Whistler would be great, but there are already 30 odd Bears heading to Salt Lake on or about Feb. 21, 2003. Seems like a natural fit to me. No reason the Bears couldn't also go to Whistler, somewhere in the East, Europe, and Oz/New Oz. There are pleanty of Bears.

Seems like a good idea, however, to have a single centrally located "all Bears" meeting once each year. Utah or Colorado would fit the bill. Next year looks like Utah is it.
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I would go to something like this as long as it was reasonable in price and the ratio of instructor to student was good.

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We'd be pleased to host the Bear Camp in Aspen--either on Aspen Mountain or Snowmass in early April or early March.
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I had a feeling from the responses of the instructors from the other thread that most of the people who wanted to teach were in Colorado, and that coming to Utah might be inconvenient for them.

Questions for Weems: Will it be okay if many of the instructors do not teach at Aspen?

Question for everyone else: Do you want to move the Utah gathering to the 24th, have a few days in Utah, one day set aside to travel, then head to Aspen? For me, it would depend on what that would do to the airfare price. Don't think I can get a multi city frquent flyer ticket.
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I was originally thinking of going to Vail on my way to Utah. Get a few turns in, get warmed up, get some lessons, then when I arrived in Utah, I might just be able to keep up with the slower members of the group when skiing.

Can we start to make a call on this soon, as I will be wanting to book flights within the next 6-8 weeks.


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Having non-Aspen instructors for an event such as this will not be a problem. We're in the same situation as Bob at Copper. We appreciate the visit.

We would have to be pretty clear on the format, and that this wouldn't be open to any guest that happened to be here. I don't see any unresolvable problems.

As to who teaches, there are many ways to do this, but we should select group leaders who are strong facilitators. This is not about who teaches, but who can manage the group so that all of its members have opportunities to give and receive information and points of view. I think we ought to select people that can do this well. I think, for example, that Bob Barnes and Nolo know how to pontificate AND facilitate. Therefore, I would grow from having spent a day with either or both of them. In such a day, I would expect that the facilitator would leave ample room for the wisdom of Ott and yourself in your respective areas of experience and expertise.

We could also have short indoor discussions--around the fire or the pool, so we don't want to stand around on the hill and listen to speeches.

This could really be fun.

If there is a growing interest in the Aspen trip, I could easily put together a reasonable package with our sales dept.
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Hi All--

Interesting that this thread has come back to the top. I had lunch today with the ski school director of Copper Mountain, and this was one of the things we discussed. Aspen would be great, Weems, but if it didn't work out, I've been assured that Copper would be happy to host the event as well.

So...let's get started! Where do we begin? What are the issues that will have to be resolved? Let's come up with a list. I'll start:

Location and dates (the slower times of December, January, or early February would be best for most resorts and instructors, with late January or early February most likely to have the best conditions).

How many people will come?

What sort of program and experience does everyone want? How intense? How social? What, if any, "extra-curricular activities" are desired--boot alignment, indoor seminars, etc? What group size? What cost?

Who will be in charge of what? Coordinating with the ski area and ski school, arranging lodging and lift tickets, collecting money, coordinating groups.... I'd be happy to take the point on some of these things if we go to Copper.

Who gets paid? How much?

Legal issues? Liability releases?

We'll have to answer some of these questions to figure out how many instructors will be needed. Then we'll have to figure out who those instructors will be....

What else? I'm sure that there are other things we'll need to work out as well. If people are serious about this, I'd be glad to help out in any way that I can. We just need to get the ball rolling....

I think that this Bears camp could be a great thing, and perhaps the start of even greater things.

I hope everyone is having a great spring. Arapahoe Basin will close this weekend, two weeks ahead of its previously-announced record-early closing on Memorial Day. So the season is truly over--time to get serious about next season!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Bob B and all you bears out there-

Count me in!

This sounds like it would be a fantastic opportunity to get to meet so many passionate skiers, as per what I've been reading since I joined a month or so ago.

I won't even confuse the issue by suggesting Vail- I think we have several options on the table, let's make one of them work! BobB, or who ever is doing the initial organization- let me know what i can do to help!

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This is cat-herding at its finest! I love this stuff. Count me in to help in any way I can.
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Hey count me in too....
This sounds like a fantastic idea.

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Darnit, so many great teachers, its turning into a candy store!! Its a good thing ski lessons don't have calories!

Nolo, you were talking about possibly doing a teaching clinic? That may be a fun way to get everyone of different levels, who would not normally ski with each other, together. It would be a blast to teach a gliding wedge turn to Gonzo! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I really like this idea. It sounds like a lot of fun to take lessons from some of you. One suggestion would be to have morning/afternoon sessions so that we students would have an opportunity to spend a little time with as many of you instructors as possible.

As to Bob B's suggestion, personally I would vote for *semi*-serious lessons. A fair bit of instruction but a lot of free-skiing fun.

I would love to visit Aspen again if that's where it ends up. Many fond memories.

Weems, is the "Too Tall" you're referring to Victor G who used to work for the Jackson Hole Ski School? If so, say hi for me.

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This is great. I’ve been planning a vacation to summit county for next February. I’m traveling with my family to Denver for a few days then 5 days of skiing at copper. We plan to travel in the middle of February after the Washington Holiday. We could re-arrange our plans to ski with the Bears at Breck, Keystone or where ever.

One way to split a large group of people for three days is to let them self regulate what the want to accomplish. If there are enough course conductors the group size should remain fairly small and manageable. An example of such is what is used at PSIA-E Spring Rally. JohnH was there he saw this too. We skied together for three days. For the most part it worked out very well. We had some young hot feet with us and I was the geezer in the group. We went where most others wouldn’t at Whiteface, NY. That’s another story.

Some want to ski mellow terrain not too fast, but get better at skiing green/blue terrain.
Some have been skiing blue/ black terrain but want to try skiing in bumps. Some may want to carve and ride the edge all day. Other fancy themselves as upper level and want to go all day hard. Then there is the group that is the hot, hot, habanero hot, that want to rip it up all day in the bumps, trees, and powder. I mean a combination of bumps and trees, or trees and powder. If we can get on the race course there could be a day of gate training.

We have to remember most folks don’t live at altitude and need to adjust. They will only be able to handle a half day of skiing. The first half is usually the best half For some folks it could be their fist day on skis for the season.

Can’t wait,

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Bob B,

Count me in for any assistance you need if the Bears come to Copper, administrative or group leading.

From our Bears gathering at Copper this past January I think you'll see three distinct groups:

1) Serious lesson takers
2) Serious ripping and exploring
3) A soft focus on lessons combined with exploring

I'm sure we could even set up some race training and events if warranted.
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OK, going by SnG's list, I'd like a mixture of serious lessons and lessons/exploring, maybe doing some exploring in the morning (if there's been a dump the previous night, etc ), and then lessons in the pm, or vice versa.
But, as said earlier, for the sake of the expense that some of us will be outlaying for the trip, it would suit if it was either immediately before or immediately after the Utah gathering.

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All right then--the Utah gathering is scheduled for Friday, February 21, through Monday the 24. How about the week before the Utah event? That would be any or all of the days from Saturday, February 15 to Thursday, February 20.

If that week works, then how many days should we look at? We could go 3 days--say, Sat-Sun-Mon, or 5 days--Saturday through Wednesday, or Sunday through Thursday.

How about a 4-day camp, Sunday through Wednesday, February 16-19? While I think 5 days would be even better, this 4-day thing would allow people to travel in on Saturday and ski mostly weekdays, which are typically less crowded than Saturdays. (This may be less true at Aspen, which gets a lot less weekend day-skiing traffic than we get in Summit County.)

It is about 450 miles driving from Summit County to Salt Lake City, 50 miles less from Aspen. It would be possible, for the hard-core, to ski Thursday, at least part of the day, and make the drive. For most people, that day off to travel would probably be a good, needed, break, whether they are driving or flying.

February 16-19--what do you think?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Would the fact that the Monday is a holiday effect anything?
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I'm flexible (Lisa, I've been stretching ), whenever works for the masses is fine with me.

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Yes, LM, it isn't ideal, although it also might allow more of the Bears to participate. That will be a busy weekend. It will also likely interfere with the availability of some instructors to participate.

Personally, I'd like to see the event in early February, traditionally a slow time when the slopes are empty, lodging and other deals are easier to find, and instructors could use some extra work. But I understand Fox's concerns, especially for those traveling a long distance.

Holidays are the worst times for instructors to get free. But they are also, of course, the time when more skiers might be able to make it.

I don't suppose that ANY time will work for everyone. If this thing goes well, I'm sure it won't be the last one....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Bob, Your right It will be hard to work out dates and a place that will make everyone happy.Since it is your time and talent that the rest of us are asking for.Perhaps a few of the Key Instrutors could put together a couple of options for the rest of the Bears to mull over. ( yeah that was a pun,Not a one good but still a pun)As for free skiing time vs lession time and spilting the classes into 1/2 days My thoughts are this the Best lessions I have ever had, felt like Free skiing. They were always fun and we would ski all over the Mountain. And yes I learned a lot.
Glad to see this thread take life again.

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I agree, Utah! Also, the time we spend at Alta will pretty much be freeskiing. It should also be pretty much up to the teachers as to which date, and where.

How much travel time are we talking about for the 450 miles? This can be different in every state. If a huge amount of people are going to both events, is it worth it to charter a bus, or rent a few vans?
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I have to chime in here. If there is a Bear ski camp in Colorado before the Utah get together It will be impossible for me to be there after the Utah thing I can make it. Please make it after the get togther here in Utah.

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Lisamarie--it's an easy, fast drive mostly on Interstates. Weather could interfere, but it's usually a piece of cake. Chartering a bus is an intriguing idea, if there are enough people making the trip. Perhaps we could even cajole Vail snopro to fire up his twin-engine plane....

Ydnar--After Utah is possible, but we're deep into the busiest time of our season here in Colorado by then, with Spring Break and all. Also, I think it would be much better to do the camp first, so everyone could go out and practice in Utah. It would be unfotunate to free ski for a few days, ingrain all your habits, then participate in an instruction camp and go home.

Is there really no way you could make it before Utah?

On the other hand, another good possible window for our camp would be April, after the Spring Break rush. It would be a fun way to wind up the season. But again, it would be unfortunate to approach a breakthrough the moment your season ends! Personally, if were a participant, I'd prefer to do an instruction camp earlier in the season, so I have the rest of the season to practice.

If it goes REALLY well, there's no reason we couldn't do a second Spring camp in April.

We need more feedback here from everyone interested!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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