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that *NewEngland* ski (hardpack AND with float)..?

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Hey gang,
Demoed ALL of last season...and the time spent just in *saddling up*..I DO NOT want to
repeat this season!..
We probably all see the claims of edge_grip *PLUS* floatability...
There are a couple skis that I love for the fall-line (relatively quick short-radius stuff...which I enjoy), but they somewhat lack the float in deeper/softer conditions which was truly fun last season....particularly for NewEngland.

Has anyone found any 68mm+_waisted skis that can do a little dancing down the fall-line....?
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K2 Axis X
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Phil, do you rate Volants better ice machine than the best Volkl has to offer?? I once read on this board that Volkls stick to ice like babysh*t to a blanket.
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If you are skiing primarily in the east, the Epics will be fine, if you venture out west, go with the Powers.
I often wonder about this generally accepted way of picking skis. An Eastern skier probably does not get as many opportunities to ski deep snow, and when they do, it is often in less than favorable conditions (tracked up, wet, in tight trees,etc.) Thus it would seem that a wider ski would be more beneficial to the Eastern skier, who is bound to be less proficient in deep snow than the Western skier. Maybe?<FONT size="1">

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As you know it is a trade off, the wider the ski, the more surface area to enhance flotation. Of course a wider waisted ski, won't be as fast edge to edge.

I think Volkl, Volant, Salomon,and Atomic [ reverse alphabeticale order ] all have excellent offerings.

As to Volants, many of their skis are more forgiving. The T3 Epic, and T3 power would both be worthy of a demo.

If you already have your short list for purchase, for an additional short opinion check outeterkeelty.com<FONT size="1">

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I 2nd the Atomic 9.22sl. Bought a pair last year and loved the versatility. Only downfall was in deep pow or very heavy crud.
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think Gonzo and Phil nailed two ofthe top three. third would be Volkl G30/31/3
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For an "Eastern" ski I would rate ability to handle crud above floatation; and to some extent, I believe they are mutally exclusive. "Crud busting" requires a bit of stiffness in the fore end, along with a somewhat narrower tip (read "Carving skis"). Mid fats are probably the best compromise, and you have already been pointed at some of the best of them. Keep a good edge on any of them and hardpack is handled with authority. Just my 2 cents...
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K2 Mod 7/8 [or this year's Axis without the X] was for me,last wonderful deep snow season herein Vermont, not too shabby at either float or crud. If there is something that would work better for me in either, I'd like to know what it is [NOT including true fats].
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a great bunch of skis guys....
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