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December skiing 10/11 season

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Every year I go on 2 ski vacations a year. One with my cousins and family, and the other with some buddies and do some more extreme skiing. So of course with the family there needs to be some decent lodging, ski school, some pow, and a variety of terrain ect. Our cousins have a tight schedule and can't make it anytime besides the week before Christmas. (December 17-24)

The resorts we have been to are : Big Sky, Crested Butte, and a little of Park City. We were wanting to try a different mountain this year. Some places we had in mind where: Telluride, Jackson, Mammoth, maybe Tahoe. Would these places have enough snow coverage at this time to have some of their more extreme terrain open? Like Jackson's Hobacks, Mammoths chair 23, Tellurides Palmyra Peak hike-to terrain? Feel free to suggest other places!!


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Early season is a total crap shoot, especially for extreme terrain. I would wait until after Thanksgiving and then book where ever is getting slammed?


That being said, I've never seen Highland bowl not have something open by Christmas.  It's hike too terrain @ 12,300ft, so it doesn't see a whole lot of traffic. 

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Definitely agree with waiting to see where the snow falls.


If you want a short list though, Tony Crocker (an epic ski poster) has provided these details.


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I'l try to keep up with TGR's snowlab. Thanks for the advice!

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Ditto on the comments above.  Wait if you can stomach it.  Two years ago I booked a trip to Aspen the week before Xmas -- on 48 hours notice -- and got really good prices on flights & lodging; and mid-winter conditions. Of course, there's no guarantee that you or I could do that again. If you need to commit, just book it; but be mentally prepared for limited terrain.  There are no certainties that time of year.

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I agree with the above. Wait till you see the whites of the skies.  If you were planning the week of Christmas/New Years, then planning ahead would be crucial, but since you are the week before you should be fine by waiting.  

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Agree with all of the above, especially with the expressed interest in steep terrain.  Wait as late as possible to book.  This year the decision would have been easy; Whistler got 220 inches in November.

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