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I think it was Robin Williams who said:"God gave man a brain and a ***** but only enough blood to use one at a time"
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Must be a boy thing, SCSA. I've never heard a girl feeling inadequate because her skis are short!
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We need to get back to skiing here!

It's not the length (or width) of the skis, but the amount of pleasure that is gained from riding on them.
If after 4 hours of tantric skiing on my 99cm Fischers I struggle to wipe the grin off my face, then this is good.
If one of your reasons for sticking with long skis is when you're standing in line for a cable car/gondola, that you want to measure up to the guys around you, then buy long skis and hang around with the other boys at the lift lines. As for me, I have skis to ski on. When I'm standing around a lift, I don't mind if a bunch of blokes aren't staring at my skis, but if they see me ski, and applaud, I'm more comfortable with that.

OK, now I've said my bit, can we get back to talking about skiing

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Good point WTFH. I had a youngest tell me one time that better equipment made you a better skier. Perhaps he was right to a small degree. But I would put my money on the 30 years of skiing before placing it on the guy that had $1,300.00 worth of ski gear on his feet. One exception. A dude on a Rambo Snowboard.
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I had an acquaintance who could rip with a 200 cm. slalom ski with a delaminated tip on one foot and a 215 downhill ski on the other, perhaps also dragging a bit of loose edge.

He took a bit of pride in it. He had two pairs of old race skis, and the two skis on his feet were the better half of each.

I'd be surprised if he pays for skis even today. I'll bet he snarfs up a $5 pair every ten years or so at a ski swap.
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My friends and I spent a silly morning skiing with odd skis on our feet (I used to have 26.5 boots and so did they), so one x-scream and one volkl midfat, then a carver on one and a conventional on the other.
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Fox makes a great point. It's all about whatever makes you happy.

I think the perfect ski for me is 187. But, Head only goes from 180 to 190 and 180 is too short for me.



Well, I just checked next years Heads. The longest ski they make is a 193. From there, the longest is 187. So, it looks like I'll be skiing a shorter ski after all; either a 184 or 187. I'll bring out the longer skis on big snow days.

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Arcmeister does a bit of skiboarding in his classes, as do I. He told me of a progression.

1. Go out on skiboards for several runs.

2. Go back to personal skis for several runs.

3. Put one skiboard on one foot and one ski on the other and try that for a few runs, and switch for a few runs.

4. Go back to personal skis. Enjoy bulletproof feeling!

Repeat as necessary.
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Many skiers that try skiboards/snowblades are completely screwed up (for a few runs) when they switch back to their skis. Being able to switch from skiboars to skis and adapt immediately (like after a few turns), means that you are highly aware of your foot-boot-ski relationship.

I think nolo already made that point with the suggested progression. :
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HH tried to get me to train on some 130's, to get the feel of edging. Makes sense.

I bought a pair but never did anything with them.

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While I can concur with 1,2 and 4,
Number 3 disagrees with me.

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It's doable. A challenge is good, I think.

I'm glad I spent all the time I have skiing just one ski too. In Canada I threw a shoe and had to ski 500 meters on one ski in very steep terrain. I can't say I let 'er rip, but I didn't shame myself either.
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Whos That Girl,

I have a pair of Rossi 7XK's that started life at around 198, but due to some interesting twists are now effectively about 185! If you don't mind all that tip flapping around, I'd be happy to let you have them at a bargain basement price!

You have a spare M48 toe piece hanging around somewhere? You'll need it

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Hey, thanks! I'd hate to deprive you, however, of such a lively objet d'art for your garage, er, I mean living room.

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Back to the original topic.

"Can a Intermediate skier out ski an Advanced Intermediate with better equipment? Could say an Expert beat a World class racer down a course if the Pro had on 60's gear and the Expert had on the best?"

2 years ago I could beat the rest of my city league team on my 12 year old Elan slalom skis. They are PSIA level 3s on new shaped race skis. I switched to shaped race skis because the courses started to get too turny for the old skis.
A friend of mine borrowed my GS (this seasons 180cm Head race stock) boards for a city league race last year and was probably a 1 & 1/2 seconds faster on a 25 second course than on his 203 Kastle Speed Machines (dinosaur boards).
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