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Where do I even start?

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Hello all, I hope this is in the right section. Im not a skier but would love to try. I actually snowboard, not the obnoxious pant sagging, snow scraping, park rat kind though. Im 20 years old and am at a crossroad where I have no idea what I want to do in my life. My passion is for the mountains, snowboarding, and freedom that it all provides. Lucky for me I live in South Jersey where there isnt a decent place to ride/ski for hours. I want to do something about that this upcoming season though. Im trying to figure it all out. I was thinking about Vail or South Lake. Although Im not sure what kind of job I should have (it doesnt matter about the job, I just want the most time to ride) where I should stay, I was thinking about staying for 1-3 months.Im not much of a partier so night life isnt a huge deal. I plan on having about 2500 by the time winter rolls around. I want this to cover the plane ticket, season pass, rent, public transportation, food etc. Any way if anyone wants to post some thoughts or ideas or is thinking of doing the same and wants to meet up please let me know.

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Lot of suggestions in this old thread about good ski areas for snowboarders to base themselves near:


Vail and Tahoe areas are mentioned among many others, but you might also look into Salt Lake City and Brighton ski area for lower lifts and housing costs (maybe group house) in towns like Midvale and Sandy with quick public bus ride to slopes. Only thing you'd be in a city suburb, rather than a ski town.  Another idea, stay in Frisco, CO, find roomates to share condo, ride free Summit bus to Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, all on same season pass.

Working evenings in a place such as a restaurant would allow for snowriding in mornings.  Finding cheap, decent, convenient place to stay may be key to any plan.

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A. Wash dishes.

B. Hike up your pants.

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He says his pants don't sag.

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A. Wash dishes.

B. Hike up your pants.

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Thankyou. Yea I have been looking at salt lake city too, but I have my mind set on Co. and Tahoe. How do I rent a place that sleeps like 13 when I have maybe one other person coming with me? Is it too early to even try to plan this cause Im not seeing things for rent for the10/11 season. Could anyone describe their experiences?

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You've gotten some good advice here.  The best advice is to consider SLC.  I love Colorado and Tahoe, but SLC has a lot more to offer in affordability for someone in your position.

Not that you can't find your way in Colorado, because there are some options everywhere.


You may want to look into a ski club or ski house which is usually set up for inexpensive housing in exchange for working maintenance and keeping the house up.

I'm not personally familiar with these ski houses, but I've skied with friends who've talked about such places.

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frisco is a great idea and season passes have become somewhat affordable around there for the most amazing skiing in the united states, copper mountain, breck keystone a basin winter park loveland ect ect

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The local papers (e.g. Vail Times) have ads for shared housing. Craigslist, etc. For your criteria, you can go anywhere and pull this off. Some resorts have employee housing options too,

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SLC etc. probably your best bet.   BUT if you have your heart set on Tahoe.   Get a copy of the local papers.   There 's one  in Tahoe city and I believe Truckee, theres also a Tahoe Times which is just a north shore paper.  run an ad for housing etc.  There are quite a few digs for ski bums, instructors, lifties etc.   Don't wait till the last minute or you will be sleeping out in the cold.  Good Luck

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