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What are your goals?

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Looking through all the various threads raised an interesting thought-what are the goals of the various Bears this season. Are you looking for specific skill improvements, if so how are you going to achieve them? If you are an instructor are you trying for a higher certification? Or are you just looking for a record number of ski days?

Personally I'm coming off a partial MCL tear (THANK YOU workman's comp) and looking forward to regain my prior skiing level, seeing tons of students-old and new, and starting the trek toward trainer accreditation, And some epic Rocky Mountain powder days (boss that rookie needs a little more lower level experience)!!!
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Goals, goals, goals.

First goal is to get my skiing to where I want it. Earlier release, better engagement.

Second is work on some teaching projects that I developed this summer. First is to improve my Sudent Cenetered Ski Instruction technique, particularly with beginners. This also includes intergrating Mosston and Ashworth's Spectrum of Teaching Styles into my teaching.

If all goes well, I will try for PMTS Green Trainer, or Blue Trainer if I can get my old knees to cooperate in the blue bumps.
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Ski Speed = Your Age? (You gotta have a pair!) :
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I guess it is that time, ey, ski&golf. By your name, I'm guessing that , like me, you teach skills and movements year round. My summer is spent trying to simplify and communicate movements on a tennis court, while I suppose yours may be on the grass.
Anyway, I want to listen as perfectly as possible this year. In doing so, I will become (as rick h. also stated) more student centered. I was at pro rep get together for fisher a couple a nights ago and in speaking with a well respected long time squaw instructor, this was brought into the forefront of my mind. There is no "perfect turn". There should be no foregone conclusion of how a student should ski. If we are truly student centered, those goals should come out of the interaction with each athlete. In listening better and watching closer, we should be able to help them create their ideal way to play in the snow. So, I want to listen better. We'll see where that goes.

Adios. Holiday
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Skiing: Get more power with less athleticism.
Teaching: Work on more simplified progressions that are logical and really work.
Work: Launch a sucessful alignment/boot fitting business.
Fun: Ski wiff tah Bearz zin Fernie eh!
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I want to just improve my skiing - you know, better, for longer, farther. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Oh, and I also want to further my personal life (especially love life), move house, and make buckets of money!

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I've got a few snowbound goals:

720° mute grab


not kill myself. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You surmise correctly-I live in the golf world in the summer time. Someday I'll finally decide whether high level golf or skiing is more difficult.

You and Rick H hit my hot buttons right on the head-focus on the student and keep it simple.

Pierre-Good Luck with your business venture.
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Ski long and prosper [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well, if any extreme skiing comps come to the Banff area (hopefully Delirium Dive will have plenty of snow so they can hold some comps there) I will try to qualify (if they let me that is, by that time I'll only be 17). Other than that, I just want to go bigger, faster, and just get better in general (and not kill myself). Gettin some more cash money is also a priority.
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First, I'd like to apply some discipline to becoming a better skier. That means more time working with specific technique, and understanding why what works works, and so on. To that end, I've signed up for an ITC at my local hill; I don't know that I'll have the time (even if selected) to go PT, but I would like to get into teaching at the lowest rung, since it really seems like the best way to expose yourself to stiuations where you really learn to be a better skier. So basically somewhat less time just scooting around on the mountain, and more skills focus.

Second, I'd like to push my limits a bit as far as agresiveness and challenging myself goes. I tend to get in a place where I enjoy something I can do well so much that I avoid pushing myself into sketchier, less comfortable situations. So more trees, bumpy steeps, etc.. Part of dealing with this is finding more situations where I ski with fairly gungho people, because when I ski by myself, I usaully end up not challenging myself nearly as much.

So I guess to sum it up, more skiing with others, whether in clinics or casually on the mountain. And finally, still not taking it all too seriously, being relaxed and enjoying myself.
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Last few years I have built an early edge set and now ski the middle of the ski. Not all the time..but I have before and hopefully I haven't forgotten.
I am joining the college race team so...a few gates are in my future.
I want to reaquaint myself with the bumps and jumps. I have been stationed at BW for my teaching and have missed the bumps of BM.
I want to be able to land an off axis spin this year. I would like to learn a little more half-pipe stuff this year if they would only keep it groomed properly...

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To ski before 2002 comes around...... :
post #14 of 28 get my skiing to the level where i am not dependent on resorts in order to ski. to get to the point where i am proficient backcountry, can hike to ski, camp out, know what i can know about avalanche conditions, etc. this is a ways off but it IS a part of the bigger picture as far as where i want my skiing to go.

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Ryan I would love to do that but I can't seem to tow my Airstream with a rope into the back country. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Honorable goals Zeek, you can have at me this year in the bumps eh!
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I just thought of another goal...
I must keep my skis in tune.
It really does help to have wax and sharp edges.
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eh, pierre eh! wake up, eh! we're hikin'. pierre eh?

aaaaaaaaahh. sweet. i want one.

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To ski better than 97% of the skiing population.
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To find golf balls that don't have curves in them... to find skis that do.
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This is a nice old (light hearted) thread that deserves a pre-season bump. So six years later - what are your goals for this season?
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
This is a nice old (light hearted) thread that deserves a pre-season bump. So six years later - what are your goals for this season?
I'll bite.

GOALS: ski more varied terrain including crud, powder and steeps.

METHOD: Develope better balance and stance.

GOALS : Be able to ski all day and multiple days without undo fatigue.

METHOD: Establish a more stacked stance, not relying so much on the major muscles in the legs but more on the skeleton.

Plan: Work with a pro to establish better biomechanics and develope into an athletic skier. Attend 4 days of great coaching and commraderie at ESA Snowmass. And HAVE FUN doing it on the snow
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This, and a night with Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce. Together.
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To crush my enemies, to drive them before me and to hear the lamentations of their women...or maybe I'll just ski a bunch, I haven't figured it all out just yet.
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Originally Posted by Pierre View Post
Skiing: Get more power with less athleticism.
actually, pretty much what he said.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post
This is a nice old (light hearted) thread that deserves a pre-season bump. So six years later - what are your goals for this season?
Last year my goal was to qualify and hopefully make the finals of a World Tour IFSA Big Mountain comp. I was able to do that (barely), but now i'd like to improve and build upon it. So placing top 10 in a US or World Tour Big Mountain event would be sweet...but heck i'd really be happy with top 15 or 20. (going to be kinda hard though considering I'm only going to be entering 1 or 2 of these things at the most! ).

Regardless though these things are just really really fun so I'm always just happy to be a part of it.
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wow. drug up from the dregs, eh?

This year? Ski as much as someone with 2 year old triplets and a 6 year old, a full time desk job, and a wife that doesn't ski possibly can.

I'll be lucky to get 20 days and getting out west is as likely as winning the lottery
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My turn:
Platinum in NASTAR and qualify for nationals.
Partake in master's racing.
More SL training.

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