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Bindings for Volkl Kuro

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Just bought a pair of Vokl Kuro, 195cm, and would like to know which binding would be best. I'll use them for deep days at resorts, with a bit of hiking but not much, and cat skiing. I'm 6' 4", 190 lbs, strong skier, especially in the deep. Gettin' old though, at 45, so a bit more conservative these days. I'll ski them fast, but not off 20 ft cliffs. I have Railflexes on my Mantra's and bought an extra set of plates to be able to use them on different skis, but have heard that the Marker Royal family bindings, which are wider, would be a better choice for these 132mm waisted skis. I found a pair of Jesters on-line for $240, but wonder if they're worth it.

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Jesters are my favorite bindings, I put them on both my Lhasa's and Lotus 138 (which are similar to Kuro). But I am just a jong.


If you plan on touring them consider the Dukes which also have  a good reputation.

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Thanks for the input. What's a "jong"? I think I'll go with the Jesters. There seems to be enough talk about not wanting to be lifted off the ski on the big, fat powder boards, so I'll go with that. Also, switching the RFs back and forth on the same day between my Mantras and Kuros doesn't seem too practical, and I don't know if I could get brakes to fit the Kuros anyway. The Jesters I found for $240 come with 130mm.

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I'm also 45 and 250#, I agree about the 20ft cliffs - but on deep powder days 15ft is easy to stomp with these.  I don't do any backcountry, and the only hiking is with them on my shoulder.  Fortunately the Tahoe area offers me lots of powder days.


I have had Dukes on mine for the two seasons I've had them and I love the combination.  I have Jesters on my Gotamas which I also like, but I think that the beefier Dukes are better suited to the Kuros.  With the Kuros you really need to drive them with power, not just ride them. 


Don't forget to get the 135mm wide brakes for these skis - I think they just ship with the 110mm (at least mine did).

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Jesters are as beefy as Dukes. For all practical purposes for most folks, they have the same heel and toe.  However, Jesters have a lower stand height & are lighter. They have a  bit less twitchy AFD. And obviously no touring... Jesters clearly win unless you need to tour.


Per the prior post, you can get Jesters  w/ the 132 brakes. But be sure that is what you are getting or it'll cost an arm and a leg to get the wide brakes as an add-on.


At this point, IMO, Railflexes and Kuros would be a poor combo. I think there is just too much slop in the binding/track structure for that class of ski. 


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Bought the Jesters yesterday for US$240 and with the 130mm brakes.


Thanks for all the feedback, I used to bug my buddy who still works part-time at Cole Sport in Park City, but you guys are a far better forum! I can only imagine how much more activity there is during the ski season up there. We got two feet over the weekend, so hopefully we'll be skiing in a month.

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Just a followup on the Tyrolia/Head Railflexes. I asked the manufacturer, via e-mail, if they had brakes to fit the Kuro and this is the response I got...




We only have spare brakes for Railflex bindings up to 115 mm (maximum ski width not in the center of the ski but in the brake area!).


So, if your ski width is 132mm, we unfortunately don’t have a binding and brake which fit that width at the moment.


Looks like RF's aren't an option.

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Well, Paragonsports was out of stock, so couldn't complete my order for the Jesters. The best price I can find now for a pair with the 130mm brakes is $278 (brakes bought separately from different store). However, there are Griffons for quite a bit less. Do I really need the Jesters? I am tall, 6' 4", but I weigh 195 lbs with all my gear and ski clothes and I ski fairly smooth, as least that's what I'm told.

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