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Only Purdue Engineers are true rulers of the world...

Purdue and Univ. of Toronto engineers are rulers of all worlds.....yaga man!

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It will need a lot of self-disciplen. But a better way to do it is to ski during the week and study hard on weekends! Less crowd at the resort and cheaper too.


A lot of homeworks are due on Monday. Guess why? Your best chance  is to do them on weekends!


There're many different ways to hack it: Take a lighter load in spring semester is one good suggestion. Take summer course is another. But if you want to ski a lot, something's got to give: is it going to be few parties? Or is it at the expense of studying? Your choice will have profound impact for the rest of your life.

yea id probably go to less parties. my prioritys will be something like; school work, skiing, job if i need one, and then extra time with friends etc

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