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MX 78

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Just returned from Mammoth and had a chance to demo the Kastle MX78 from Footloose, a shop w/ wonderful ski techs. The conditions were corduroy on top of a previous day 5" powder layer. 58 yrs, 5.8, 170 lb arc fan. The 167 ski had a very nice long edge feel, w good initiation and smoothness. Very light sensation. Had some trouble getting the upper ski to get in the trac w/ two footed pressure; it wanted to wobble in the trench, well would not make the trench rather. I could only stand this (probably operator error) for three runs until returned to car and got on 174 Blizz SSonics. These are always a joy w/ more stability at speed, 30% more damping, and yet a relative quickness that lets you pay total attention to the hill and your route, w/out a worry about the equipment. Spectacular IQ bindings give the best boot/ski adhesion.


W/ so much favorable commentary on the MX I was getting ready to capitulate but was relieved to be disappointed w/ the 78. The appearance, by the way, is offputting to say the least. The 70 would be a better ticket w/ my arc preferences, and this may be a better ski in looser conditions.


Footloose cured a bad tune on my short ski, Head SS MAgnums, 163, and these were a ball with super quick short arcs, only needing a bit more stability. The Head SS (Bode ski??) in 170 at PCMR on dry groomed remains the most wicked, quick, tenacious race like carver I've been on, and even w/ the demands it remains a tempting ski, but is so hard to find... Progressor 9 at Sun Valley (my first trip there after skiing 56 yrs) was one I should have kept but the snow was so hard it left a bad taste on everything. It was quick but manageable, up for any moves I could dream up, and just very capable. Not quiet, but on that SV boilerplate not sure what would be quiet. SV is one of the most impressive small ski towns ever w/ corporate CEO's at every restaurant table, and the Lodge is a dream come true for fans of history and an interest in the 30's and 40's... BUT THE MOUNTAIN? Forget carving, too steep. Short swing or slip and slide.... PCMR any day.

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Your experience may not be typical of what others think of the MX78 but this is a great example of why we demo prior to buying. Blizzi's are fine skis and if you get one that works for you, great.


Is the 167 length a typo? Kastle makes a 176 and a 168 in the MX78, so, I'm not sure what you actually skied. I hope you gave the 176's a try as your size and skills seem to be matched to that ski.  You may have rented from a very good shop, but, the ski tune is always a variable, so, I wonder if it was good?


I own the MX88 and demo'd the 176 MX78 and think both are great skis for me, an east coast carver. Of interest to me was your description of the two foot weighting technique. I've never subscribed to two foot weighting and, therefore, ski solidly in the camp of one weighted foot. I don't know if this contributes to your issues, but, I'd be interested in the opinions of those who try both techniques when they demo to see if a ski can change performance between the two styles.


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It was a 168. The longer length would have been preferable, but w/ the Blizz taking the longer ski slot I was curious to possibly use it as the short ski, possibly replacing the Head. Odd how one day in certain conditions a ski can seem like a dog, and on another day maybe w/ a different mood or outlook the thing seems perfect. Had a sense of being too far forward w/ the bindings; in retrospect this might have been the determining issue that started me off w/ a question mark.


So many good skiers love the brand that my experience is no doubt rare. Next yr I'll try the 176 MX70 and probably love it.


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