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Need some advice about new skis.

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I am 55 years old, 180lbs, 6'2", love speed, blasting through crud, and carving down a wind-blown icy slope.  70/30 on piste,


My all-time favorite skis were my Atomic Metron EX's at 175, they performed excellent in all the above conditions (my knees no longer permit me to spend much time in the bumps).  They had excellent edge control, allowed both snappy short and GS turns, and they were fast.


Last year I sold the Metrons and bought new Nordica Hellcats 178.  Maybe because of the width, added length, or both, I found them to be squirrley on the groomers and ice, therfore not as fast as the Metrons.  And for all the added width, I found the Hellcats to be no better in crud, without much added benefit in powder.


I sold the Hellcats after 1/2 season of skiing and would prefer a ski much like the Metrons, fast on ice and groomers, fearless in crud, and respectable in powder, with quick edge-to-edge response.


What do you suggest?

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Blizzard Magnum 8.7.



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Volkl Gotama

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Originally Posted by SierraJim View Post

Blizzard Magnum 8.7.



^^^ What he said. Superb all around that's a real ice skate, and I'm speaking as an easterner, but somehow surprisingly easy in soft snow and bumps. 


Goats carving down icy steeps? 

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What SJ and Beyond said (viz. Blizzard 8.7 Magnum), also you should try the Head iM 78 (Peak 78) from 08-10, in 177 or 183, and you'll be surprised how much easier than the M EX both of these are w/o any loss in performance.


Welcome to epic ski from another old guy!!

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I appreciate the advice.


I bought 4 pairs of skis last year for the family.

When I buy a new pair every year or so it drives my wife crazy, but this is a good time of year to bargain shop.

However I hope I fall in love with the Blizzards or my next pair, and want to keep them for a few years.

Skis are like women though, as soon as you find the one you think is perfect another catches your eye and you begin to think about new possibilities.


The first skis I ever owned were Blizzards.  I know the company experienced some problems.  Because of your recommendations I assume the corporation and its R&D are back on firm footing.


How are the bindings on the Blizzards?. 

With my Nordica Hellcats twice I lifted my foot out of my bindings while skiing about 6" of powder.  I've read on EpicSki 2 other reports of the same issue with Nordica bindings.

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I think it is very difficult to find 2010 Blizzard 8.7 skis in stock. You may need to wait for the new 2011 models.


The bindings are made by Marker.

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