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Liner Padding Problem

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In March I purchased a pair of Head Vector LTD boots at a store in South Lake Tahoe, and over the course of a few days skiing went back in a few times to have a custom footbed made, some punching to accommodate pronounced inner ankle bones (medial malleolus), and some padding added to the back of the liner. ( I have a very wide forefoot and somewhat narrow heel.) Got pretty close to a perfect fit, but not quite there, so before I headed back home to the east coast worked with another boot fitter at a shop in Berkeley who did some additional punching and grinding and also cut down the liner padding added by the guy in Tahoe.


The good news is after all that work I had a pair of boots that fit snugly, and I could ski in them all day, days in a row, in total comfort.


The bad news is I got home from a season-ending trip last week and pulled the liners to dry them before putting everything away for the summer, and the glue on the padding on the back of the liner had become unset/gooey, and the padding pieces still in place were falling off (or close to it).


Head Boot Liner2.jpg


Previously I'd pulled the liners out after ski trips to dry them, and hadn't noticed any problems. Weird that the glue suddenly failed. Anyway...


I don't want to put the liners back in the boots with the gooey glue as is, so I'm thinking the best thing might be to pull off the added padding pieces (that haven't already come off), clean the goo off with something mild like water and rubbing alcohol, and next season see another boot fitter to properly pad out the liner back heel area.


Sound good? Any other suggestions?

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Contact cement.



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as jim has said contact cement will stick the part back on, i would flip them into place, draw round them onto the liner and then you will know exactly where they have to go when you have cleaned off the gunk


if the self adhesive foam which has been used is too messed up to resue then you could re cut the parts in a dense foam or (what i use a lot) leather, i use this as it does not compress as much as most foams


clean all the gunk off and rebond the parts, if you abrade the liner surface a little with some 80grit glass paper then you will get a better bond, the crinkle foil of the head liner is not the easiest material to bond to

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... and buy a cheap boot dryer so you can stop pulling your liners out, it's not good for them.

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I purchased a DryGuy boot dryer soon after getting my boots, and always use it every night after skiing. However, my boot shell is somewhat transparent in the back, and it appeared there was a small amount of residual moisture between the shell and liner, so when I finish a ski trip and get home I typically pull the liners out and place them upside down over my a heating vent to let them and the shell completely dry out.


Note: The padding glue was gooey before I pulled the liners out and placed them on the vent. Also, I have a heat pump, and even in winter with heat strips on the blown air is not terribly warm, so that's not a problem.


FYI in the picture above the black area labeled "part of liner" is a leather piece factory stitched onto the liner, apparently there to be used as an anchor point for glued padding, thus avoiding having to bond (entirely) with the "crinkle foil".


Still a little mystified why the adhesive worked fine for a while but then broke down, but that's a moot point now.


SJ and CEM, appreciate the suggestions. I will clean things up and either re-bond the existing padding or use new foam/leather pieces.

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