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The message I've gotten from the patrol is that the patrol isn't there to teach you how to ski. They'll teach you the techniques you need to get a toboggan down the hill safely. Learning to ski is up to you.
My mountain has mandatory sessions with an area ski instructor for candidates and there are certain days and times when patrollers can jump in on a lesson at no charge.

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Our ski area runs FREE clinics for patrollers and we pay the instructors to work with the patrollers. The patrol has (2) Level III instructors on staff and maybe 5-6 Level II’s. The patrol is skiing better and PSIA & NSP at our area are doing very well and thanks for asking. Unfortunately the patrol keeps wining the carnival races. Darn it! I know they can’t ski they have that darn troll turn! :
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Here in the mid-west we have a cooperative program where our PSIA Ed Staff members conduct training clinics for NSPS Testers and Trainers as well as for regular NSPS patrollers. So it is fair to say they are familiar with the balance, edge, pressure, rotary skills concept. Even when (as in my case) a clinic leader has both PSIA & PMTS experience, we will address the specific needs of the NSPS customer and give them the tools they need to do their job. Good skiing has always included the adaptability to do pivot slips, braking wedges, or wedge-sideslip changeups as needed for Patrol work or make adjustments for any other skiing situations. When you consider that most skiers to date have learned through a rotary dominant wedge->wedge-christy->parallel pathways with skidded turns as their foundation and are still trying to aquire the order of movement and skill blend to carve turns efficiently, consider that the testers come from this background as well. If you are a traditional skier that has been exposed to PMTS it should not have reduced your existing ability to do braking wedges, pivot slips, etc. These are but laterally learned options to even for somone who learned to ski via PMTS ditect parallel. so it is unlikely that any training that improves your skiing efficiency and adaptability would hinder your testing for success. It is still all about having the options to do whatever you want to do with your skis in the snow. It is less important what you call the process you learned to do so from.
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