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Has anyone skied Mammoth in the last few days?  How is the snow and how is the coverage?  Any info with regards to temp and snow condition would be awesome.  Thank you.


Looking for recently updated snow information for Mammoth going forward for the next few weeks.  They are going to be open until July, but I want to ski more than rocks.  I have had enough coreshots at Baldy the last few weeks to last me until next year.  I know I can view the Mammoth site and check weather and snow reports, but a real time/ real person report would be far superior.


Thanks again.


Apologies for posting this in the wrong forum area.  Will repost in correct area.

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We are still waiting for spring here.  Coverage is deep and top to bottom. Go and have fun.  We are looking at warmer weather this week, but we just had a foot of snow the day before yesterday.

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Awesome...  I hope it stays good.  Lots of rocks hiding yet?  Thanks

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More snow coming Tuesday next week.  Plan accordingly.

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Coming up Friday for a last Hurrah this weekend. Looks like it is still dusting up there. 


How will the snow be near the base?  I assume the coverage is still pretty ski friendly up top. 


Is the slush getting heavy?



Will I need rock skis or can I bring good ones? 


Getting excited.    Thanks for any information.

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The locals are getting tired of waiting for spring.  There has been a lot of cold weather which confines most skiers to the groomers.  This has kept the base in the 7-12 foot range, so good skis will be fine. 


Weather prediction is for 6-12 inches more snow midweek, warming up by the weekend.  Hopefully it will consolidate into corn.  With the good coverage more lifts than usual will run this weekend:1-3,5,6,10,11,23,G1&2.


Don't worry about slush.  If it's very warm they will salt the groomers (including a late morning reapplication if needed) to keep the snow pleasant.  Up top on the steeps gravity will get you through the spring snow, best where skiers have packed it.


I will be there this weekend.  Hard to predict conditions with the weather, but there's a big upside if the new snow settles out properly.

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Awesome.  I'll bring good skis and have a great time running em'.  Looks like spring will come fast between Sat-Mon and the heat will stay. 


Thank you for the detailed report.  Can't wait.  Be up there in 16 hours or so.  Maybe do a boot pack if there is something good on the way up.

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So, altabrig, how did the trip go?  Did we tell you it was still winter? 


I was over the passes this weekend in much warmer weather and most alpine lakes are still fully frozen, and the snowpack is very deep.  Looks like late March instead of June.  Summer is here, but the Sierra is just beginning to run off.

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Well, I'll chime in and say that the Friday before Memorial day did not suck at Mammoth...






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Sorry for the delayed response.


The trip was awesome.  Snow was unbelievable for late May.  It was snowing and cold on Friday the 28th.


View from the Top


Mtnmeg at the top.  At first it was hard believe that there were so many powder stashes at the end of May.  It seemed like mid March, not late May.


May Mammut Mid Mountain Music McCoy's

Stopped into McCoy Station at 2:30 Sunday to hear the band.  Lots of fun after mashing it up for a few days.


Late morning got a bit sticky, so we tried to stay above mid mountain and shortened up the laps.


Motherships were great for smashing the heavier stuff off piste.  I was really stoked on the Mothership's performance in the heavy stuff. Those things are powerful, fast, fun, and easy. Thanks for the direction Sierra Jim.   The Atlas were great too when I got tired late the last day.  Super fun skis both.  They made the heavier afternoon crud a dream.


Thanks for the input CirqueRider.  You were spot on!  Spindrift's pics say it all. 



Spring Sprung

On Monday, spring sprang into summer.



Summertime Rolls




Can't wait til' it starts snowing.


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LOL, good stuff. Thanks for checking back and posting some stoke.  You kept asking, "should I bring the rock skis", and I have been replying since April, "bring the pow boards".  Glad to see you got after it.


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My TR and pics from Memorial weekend at Mammoth:


I was not there for the fresh on Friday but still an impressive trip.

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