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Blizzard Zeus and Pow?

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Does anyone here have anything to say about the Zeus for a deep days ski.  I know Blizzard isn't a big name in deep pow and 120mm isn't as wide as some of the more popular blower day sleds.  Please post a description of its soft day capabilities if you have ridden the thing on an B+ or better day.  Thanks.  I can find nothing on the web except from the Blizzard sponsored riders who seem to like it.

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Tell us about yourself and your skiing style. This is supposed to be a stiff charger board (like Dynastar BIG DUMP). Also tell us what other skis do you have in your quiver.


If you have a 100+ mm tip rockered skis and look for a ski for truly BIG days think of some reverse/reverse boards.



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Thank you Ivan,  I just wanted a first hand account of riding the Zeus in the goods.  Got an everyday 94mm and a big crud/pow charger at 111mm.  Thought the Zeus might be fun in the pow for the floaty slashes and pillow bops with its 120mm waist.  Not sure I want the big reverse camber pow floater.....yet. 


I love skiing.

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It won't. It is too stiff. 


If you really want "fun in the pow for the floaty slashes" then the 138s are exactly what you need.

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I have not ridden the Zeus, but in my experience, fatter Blizzards are chargers, not what I'd choose for slashing and pillows unless you weight 220 or are paid to ride. (The new One may be more of a fun/tight places ski.) And Zeus would probably have lot of overlap with your 111 mm hard charger. What you want is something like the Lotus 138 ^^^^, or a Rossi S7, or even a Moment Powder/Protest or K2 Pontoon. Eg, go for a nontraditonal shape and curvature, don't get hung up on exact mm of waist. 

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Thank you.  I realize that I am looking for a glory day floatation device.  Your right the Zeus is total overlap.


Kuro, Bro, Maven?  Maybe a reverse camber with normal sidecut?  Cooltsi on TGR swears by the Kuro and Maven in Wasatch and Teton Pow and Apyros here digs the reverse/reverse Lotus 138. 


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Kuro is a very good ski, still not even on par with the 138s. Maven isn't even on par with the Kuro.


Actually if you ask the guys on TGR (which you can do, but remember to post this question in the tech talk and not skiing and snowboarding) the most common answer is gonna be either 138 or Praxis Powboard.


Why do we say the 138s are that good?

The two main reasons are:

1) full carbon construction - which is beyond insane for a pure powski. They are super light, super poppy/snappy. They just give back twice more energy that a normal ski does. I can ski longer and more aggressively on them just because they are so incredibly light and snappy.

Carbon also gives a super stiff torsional flex which helps a lot.


2) they reward good technique more that any other R/R ski. It isn't just swivel and pivot ski like the Spatula or Praxis. You can pivot on them of course, but you can also straightline, make SG/GS turns, smear, slarve or carve (in powder).


All in all, really great skis. Most guys do not realize what they miss by not skiing them.


PS.: I wouldn't say skiing them in pow is essential. You can do this on Watea 94s. But if you do so on the Lotuses that is just a truly new dimension to your skiing experience. The guys at DSP like to say it's a new sport. And I have to agree.

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^^^^Validate what he said. I've tried Lotus 120's. Same feeling, assume 138's are wilder for pure pow because of the shape. 


But assuming OP doesn't have the $$ (And DPS ain't cheap), and since S7's (which I also value highly) are never on significant sale, here are some alternatives: Liberty Double Helix, very popular in the Rockies, bamboo core and carbon strips, so lighter than most skis its width except DPS, and available at decent prices around now. This year's had an extended tip, next year's has a mild rocker, most folks won't detect the diff. PM Gear Lhasa Pow, cult fav for good reason, like the DH can actually hold an edge, decently light, more versatile than either the 138 or the DH in tight places or variable snow, and sooner or later they should have a mild sale. Moment Donner Party, basically a modified Spat, highly thought of out Tahoe way, not at all versatile but will rule pow, Moment has spring/summer sales. Praxis Powder, similar idea and outcome, also much liked and probably more ridden than the DP, Praxis has killer sales online once each summer if you can catch them. K2 Pontoon, again prices getting better now, unique shape and classic at this point, those who ride it say it can do everything decently, trees wonderfully, and chop like no other. And finally, Prior Overlord, the beefiest and most secure at speed of any I've mentioned, so along with the Pontoon best of the bunch for heavy PNW type snow, but moderate sidecut and mild tip/tail rocker makes them maneuverable. Not that great on hardpack, and like the Pontoon, on the heavy side. Prior doesn't have sales, but sells new and demos of last season's stock for a fair discount online. 


None of these feel like a DPS, but IMO, most will be more enjoyable at speed in deep chop and backside variable, which unfortunately is what perfect pow can turn into unless you have a helicopter or cat. If DPS pure carbon skis have a failing, it's that all that liveliness can get a bit too lively in certain conditions. They make a new line of "hybrids," same skis but with a more traditional layup, cheaper. I've heard they're fine skis, apparently damper in rough conditions. But IMO no longer radically different than many other good skis. So I wouldn't write off the other brands simply because they don't feel like a DPS. My .02 anyway...

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Thanks for the in depth powboard analysis. Great information.  I will keep my eye out for a bargain.  Those PM gear Lhasas with a bit of camber look great for touring/bc.  You are right the OP will be budget restricted when he finally makes his pow only quiver addition for the Utah dump days.  Light maneuverable yet still with a bit of edgehold underfoot would be nice attributes to pair up with a floaty wide early rise/rocker tip ski.  I may be asking for mutually exclusive performance characteristics.  Funny this post quickly morphed from a question about a crud crushers pow capabilities to discussing glory days boards.  Now, I am going to have to get some at some point.  Jeez it is a disease.



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Just to add my 2 cents. I haven't seem the Lhasa Pow's on sale in quite some time. They are a pricey ski, but they have an amazing reputation. However, Moment's off-season sale is currently going on. The Donner Party is currently $400 and the Ruby (a more traditional shaped ski, but still meant for what us Tahoe kids call powder days) is only $300.

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ON3P has the Cease and Desist (CD) on sale too 191's.

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How turny are the 191 cease and desists?


I have 195 motherships, but want a fatty for superdeep days that will turn on a dime in tight trees.  Not sure I need anything else.  The motherships turn easy and are so much fun, but they probably won't float like a ski with 126 underfoot.


Thank you.

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As for the Cease and Decists, in the fresh snow they will pivot, not lock into a turn like traditional sidecut skis.  If you've been skiing moships, you're probably used to that big swing weight, which would be far more nonexistent in a C&D.  Think intuitive swivel turns, not big, arcing GS turns.  Fat shovel + pintail + slight camber = tree killer. 


I'd check out TGR and search for a few reviews, there's mountains of intfo over there on them or you could go to the ON3P site.  Fwiw,  ON3P has the burliest construction I've ever seen hands down.  The edges are silly beefy.  I've yet to even stratch the bases and I ski at a "natural snow" mountain that's known for claiming skis.  Def worth a look! 

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I would really like ot get on some On's; especially the BG's. I think the are desgning some very cool stuff. the mods they did on the BG for this coming season are very interesting.

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