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Skin gap

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Question for the experts. I've got two tourable setups with skins cut to size for both. The lighter one is 76 or 78mm, the beefier one is 105.


I'm tempted to get a new setup somewhere in between, skis at 85mm maybe, but the cost of the skins is an obstacle. How much wider is it advisable to go using my existing (eg, 76 or 78mm) skins?

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A little exposed edge and base isn't going to cause too much loss of traction. You can only tell for sure by trying them out. Good technique can compensate for less than maximum traction. There is a thread about this somewhere on the site if you search. It included discussion of ski crampons for when the going gets firm. I've used too narrow and too short skins on skis without a problem. I'd say up to a cm on each side of the skin would not be too much. With too short, you have to watch for peeling the skin off from the tail although todays glues are so effective that is not much of an issue.

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Skins that our too narrow wont let you edge on a sidehill.  85 mm skis would be fine with the 78 mm skins.

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