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Advice on gear selection and board selection..

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I am a fairly intermediate rider, i wouldn’t say that I am anything special, I am good at going down the mountain yet fail at anything park. I am looking for some new equipment for the upcoming snow season, I think I have just scored some awesome on snow accommodation so thought I might splash out on some new snow gear.


I currently have a traditional cambered older k2 board from like 2005, its been working a treat, i also have some K2 binding (that as pretty average to be honest) and some great northwave boots that has given me nothing but pleasure.


I am looking into getting a burton custom board, perhaps some matching binding, not really sure there. What are peoples thoughts,  I Know its a pretty all round board for every type of condtion which is what I want, but I don’t really know much about this and would love some suggestions and feedback here.


I would ideally like great handling for my board and I feel that is pretty crucial..

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G'day mate!


The Custom is a great board. Don't get a Wide model though. That will be too stiff for you.


Burton boards have unique binding minding systems. Most of their boards will have a 3 hole plate vs a four hole plate. Burton's newest binding system is the channel - which is a 2 point connection system. I've been riding a Custom-Wide with a channel binding for 2 seasons and have enjoyed it, but there are some downsides. Some have questioned the durability of the system. Channel bindings are also limited in how high the stance angles can be set (but this should not be a factor for 99% of riders). What's really cool about the channel is that you can set your stance width to exactly what you want and you can easily shift the mounting point fore or aft to adapt to different preferences or powder conditions. But there are many riders would gladly give up these features for the ability to move their favorite bindings from board to board. You can mount non-Burton bindings on Burton boards with adapter plates, but you'll need a special Burton binding to take advantage of a board with a channel mounting pattern. You can use regular bindings on a channel board with the provided adapter plates, but you can't use channel bindings on a regular board AFAIK.


Getting new gear for intermediates is always tricky. If you move up the performance curve, new gear can help you improve a lot. But if you go too high up the performance curve, the board will hold back your progress because you won't be able to break through the catch 22 of needing to make the moves to feel the results vs not feeling the results until you can make the moves. Comfort is also a strong consideration. If it's possible to demo gear before you buy, this is a big plus.


There are many manufacturers of high quality snowboard gear. Burton has its fans, but their gear usually comes at a premium price. Getting info on other brands can be tough, but we have a couple of excellent gear heads here and they've left some chicken tracks to good review sites in other threads in this forum. If you have any local snowboard shops, stop by and have a chat with them too.

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