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Racer volume discount?

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I am a relatively new race dad with a son about to enter J3 this coming fall.


To date, we have made do with used race skis but as our son has improved, we are noticing that 1) the old skis he is using have no "pop" and 2) the kids that are beating him have new (or at least newer) skis.  Moreover, the top racers in his league have 2 pairs of skis for each event -- one for practice and one reserved solely for race day.


My questions are: a) Is it common in J3-level racing to buy kids new equipment every year?  b) Assuming that we want to buy him new equipment this year regardless of what is commonly done, how does one go about getting a volume discount on what could be 7 pairs of skis (slalom, GS, super-G *2 pairs each, plus a pair of twintips for free skiing)?  He is an improving skier but not in the class of kids that routinely gets approached by reps.


(BTW, we have a great bootfitter so assume he will have properly fit race boots.)


Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.

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(a) Mostly yes but not necessarily 2 of each and certainly not 2 SGs.

     (1) By second year J3....yes, racers and trainers for tech but still 1 pr only for SG.

(b) USSA racers qualify for a "racer discount" which is very roughly 25% off of the regular price. This is available from almost any qualified race shop (such as ours). www.starthaus.com


We stock race gear year round for kids going to camps @ Mt Hood and also the more serious kids typically go to the southern hemisphere for camps.You may save some additional money by shopping 2010 gear now (realizing of course that selection is not the best). 2011 gear starts arriving in August.




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Thanks very much for the response. I will likely check in with you in August, after we see how much he has grown over the summer.

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To add to what SJ mentions, keep your eyes and ears open for 'shop nights', etc. that are sponsored by race teams/clubs all around the country. In Summit, CO, there are 2 - 3 shop nights each fall. These are the nights (and days) that teams/clubs sponsor get all the reps together at a shop to present and take orders for their products. Qualified racers (USSA # in hand, member of a sponsoring team/club) and their parents get to meet and talk with different reps from many companies as well as see the latest goods and try things on.

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Great advice, thank you very much. Now that you mention it, I am sure I have seen similar events, but probably didn't realize exactly how they worked .... I appreciate the response.

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Where are you located?


Some Reps... Will give a discount on the previous years equipment that was unsold and not used the year before... as for super g skis... 


Until he is a J2 and the rules are different I would use a long pair of GS skis... And once he is a J2 than buy one pair of Skis... That can be used for a while... The more they are waxed and skied the faster they get.

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