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The Horror!

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While I was at the Cleveland scoring clinic at a to be left unnamed driving range I watched the beginning of a group golf lesson. The golf pro was a nice enough guy and obviously very knowledgable about the game. The first thing I noticed was him rush to help a woman who was flailing at balls with a total handsy swing. So he shows her how to release the club after contact and then proceeds to banter with the guy in the lesson group a couple of stalls over. He does give the young lady some positive feedback that she is now releasing the club, but she continues to:

set a ball down


miss the center of the club face by a mile

watch the ball squib 20 yards

wash, rinse, repeat no change or emotion whatsoever


Now I'll be the first I don't know doodoo about teaching golf. But it sure looked like the poor woman was paying to learn how to golf like a doofus. It took all of my self control not to jump up and show her how to chip the ball farther than her full swing was going by swinging through the ball instead of at it (something I learned on day 1). There was another lady in the group who could at least get the club face on the ball, but he did not give her any feebdack at all for the 10 minutes that I was watching. Meanwhile the one guy (who was by far the best in the group) gets 90% of the attention. I got the distinct impression the pro had very low asperations for women golfers.


Mike! Help! Please restore my faith in golf pros. The only other group golf lessons I've seen were kids lessons. Those were very similar to ski lessons. Watching this horror makes me think I could actually teach golf.

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Just goes to show how teaching is a skill.

It takes work to be a good coach, knowledge and personal skill of the game/sport is one thing, being able to get that knowledge and skill across to people is another. It takes passion, patience and understanding. 

Positive feedback a must!  I Like the way you look at the ball after you hit it... your jacket looks great coming down there, as apposed to, wooo buddy, my eyes hurt watching that swing!


On the other side perhaps he was gay and doesn't like woman?? I'd be looking after the ladies and making sure they were happy, as they will come back for more lessons perhaps to please there men.


Good luck going pro Rusty, go for it.


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I don't think I'm ready to teach. I'm not quite through making every mistake in the book. Still, I have reached the stage where it's painful to watch some people swing.

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