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Thoughts on a NON-GAPER Insulated jacket

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Hi all, age must finally be hitting me as i have to admit i was cold on more days then i preferred this season.  I swore off insulated coats in favor of shell over 20 years ago as i hated the bulky, restricted feeling.  But with the kiddies finally getting into skiing and with

some off season prices, now might be the time to address this issue. 


So i would appreciate, any thoughts on a more subdued looking, non bulky, comfortable technical inbounds resort jacket.  Windproof is an absolute necessities. Neon colors, huge logos, stripes and offerings from Spyder, Karbon, Marker,  etc.  are not.


Here's a quick short list as to what i was thinking


Fly Low Puff

Patagonia Primo Down

Cloudveil, Koven Down

Westcomb Flow FX hoody


thanks in advance

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DNA makes great coats and jackets. I have abused one for 5 years skiing the trees; it looked nearly new until I finally tore it on a snag.


Durable quality product with features that make sense.

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Check out the Stoic stuff from Backcountry.com.  I have the welder lo insulated softshell and like it a lot.  Insulated, but not bulky at all, windproof, and nearly 100% waterproof.  They also have another jacket which is an insulated shell jacket and 100% wind and waterproof called the insulated bombshell jacket.


You can get a fantastic deal on these jackets from geartrade.com if they have one in your size.  Backcountry.com uses geartrade to sell of their returns which come back without tags.  Prices are at least 50-75% off retail.


The fit on these is "athletic" so you'll want to size up if you like your jackets a bit looser.  I'm 6' and 185 lbs and the large fits me well, but is fitted, not loose.



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The primo down is awesome.  I love it.  Super warm; reasonably stylish; not even gaperesque.  It also makes me ski better, sound smarter, and look more handsomer.  It also seems pretty sturdy although the zippers are kind of small.


Its is pricey though.


People like the flylow puff too,

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I picked up a Marmot down parka a few seasons ago. The thing is great. I really missed it this winter when I blew it up by walking too close to a barbed wire fence (tracking rabbits in the woods with the kids), but Marmot fixed it for me for $30.

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Look at Patagucci Insulated Powder Bowl.  Got one as a replacement and like it on cold days on the hill. 

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Agree with Mike C... if you watch Steepandcheap and Tramdock this time of year, you can pick up some insane deals especially on the inhouse Stoic gear. I picked up a Welder insulated softshell for peanuts ($120); it's lacking a powder skirt, but has a super fuzzy lining, stylie asymmetric welds and an athletic cut that straddles nicely the line between stoner bro-wear (Armada/Orage) and 1980s Warren Miller extra (Marker/Spyder).


As for your concerns about flexibility, it's not too constricting and I'm guessing your core will be warm with just a base merino layer and so 100/200 weight polartec. I'm 6'2", 200lbs and the XL is a little roomy, but perfect with a layer..... My BC.com Shift welder hoodie is pretty form fitting in a L, but perfect for the Spring. On the pricier side, Norrona, DNA and Westcomb are all pretty darn nice too.

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Arcteryx Fission (wait for SAC or Tramdock sale) or Atlas SV (Windstopper + Primaloft - $223 at STP), should be at the very top of your shortlist.

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