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AM ski advice

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Looking at some new gear... I've been skiing Atomic Izors for the last few years that are too short (168). I'm 6' 1" 170 lbs and an L7-8 level. I live in the southeast and only get out west 2-3 times a year. Am looking at the following:

Atomic Crimson TI

Atomic Blakckeye TI

Rossignol Avenger TI

Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous CA


Can anyone explain the TI versus CA conversion? Sounds like if I go TI I need to stay a little shorter... in the 172-174 range. Are the TIs generally heavier and therefore less responsive?


Any advice y'all have is greatly appreciated!

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Guess I should make this simpler... can someone help me out w/ the difference between the Atomic Blackeye and Crimson? And I was going to spring for non-TI skis in the 176-178 range. Would anyone recommend going a little shorter with TIs?

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The Crimson is a wider ski than the Blackeye and has a somewhat longer turning radius.  Their 2010 dimensions are:

Crimson:  119-86-114     t/r:  18 @ 176 

Blackeye: 112-79-106    t/r:  17 @ 171


So the Crimson is targeted for more off piste skiing (e.g., 50/50), relative to the Blackeye, although both are considered "all mountain" skis.


I understand that both models will get wider for 2011: 82 mm waist for the Blackeye and 88 mm waist for the Crimson.  Also both will get "adaptive camber".


Re Ti:  from what I've read w.r.t. the 2010 models, the addition of Ti improves the performance of each.  


Regarding length: given your height and weight, the 176-178 would not be too long for you even with Ti.  You might even consider the next size up from that.  [Caveat: I'm not an expert on ski length.  There have been some good discussions recently on ski length here on Epic that you might want to check out.]


Hope this helps.


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