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I passed my CASI-1 today!

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Woohoo! Passed the CASI-1 first time around. I scored "exceeds expectations" in the teaching (similar content to CSIA-1 and easier than CSIA-2) and "meets expectations" in the riding. I couldn't have done it without you guys! I guess that joke rings true... The difference between a new snowboarder and an instructor is about 20 days. :P

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AWESOME!!! Congratulations on your speedy progress up the professional ladder. 

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Congrats!   Now you can start paying your $$$ to them too.

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Congratulations Met and welcome to the club for cross dressing snow sports professionals! Get yourself some baggy pants!


20 days? pffft! I taught my first snowboard lesson after 7 hours on a board.

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I taught my first one 14 years after I first strapped a board on. 


However, I taught my first snowboard lesson 20 minutes after finishing my ITC.  It seems everyone had 'other plans' that afternoon and I walked into their trap. They still gloat to this day about that. I was so naive back then.

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Thanks guys. I hear the dual certs are where the big money's at. can't wait to get that condo in Whistler and beach house in Boca Raton.


daysailer - learning a snowsport is basically the same as giving the resort bank card and PIN...


rusty: I think you may permanently hold the record for seven hours. There's something to wearing baggy pants boarding tho--one of the guys on the course was doing some massive flexion between turns and his pants split open! 

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I doubt I hold the record. There has to be plenty of ski pros with prior skateboard experience who picked up riding quicker than I did. After 7 hours (3 tries) my conclusion was that I really sucked. Like DS, I was asked to teach only because all of the real snowboard instructors had already left (it was 7PM). At the end of the 90 minute lesson, half of my group was riding better than I was.

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Congratulations Metaphor! 


A couple of years ago I was recruited to teach a snowboard lesson after only spending a few hours on a board myself.  A good friend of mine who's a really good instructor taught me how to snowboard and when we were really swamped one day and I was needed to teach a lesson, I just regurgitated what I was told.   I did most of the lesson statically in just my rental snowboard boots.  The only time that I put the rental board on for was to demo a falling leaf but my students were ripping down the hill by the end of the hour and a half.  I could "talk the talk", but just couldn't "walk the walk".  (I refer to this as a real "Fakie") 


I guess this would fit right in with Nolo's thread "Which takes precedence in certification, teaching or skiing (riding)." I did a decent job on the teaching, I just need to become a better rider, so you can make a good skier or snowboarder out of a good teacher.


I've improved my riding a lot over the past couple of seasons and planned on taking my Level I this year, but after crashing early in January and blowing out my shoulder those plans will have to wait until next season. 


So Metaphor, now that your a CSIA Level 1 you should start planning on Level 2.  You're on a roll.....Go with it!!!!!

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You might be one of the first one to pass after posting your picture online to get help.


I started teaching my 2nd season, and teaching never-evers is more about mentality than experience, like the other posters have said.  I enjoyed teaching the 2nd timers the most though, because often students will advance more in that one hour than they ever will again.  I loved how excited they got when they start linking their first turns.


Season pass prices dropped like a rock the next winter, so I did that instead, although if I had a free winter I wouldn't hesitate to teach again.

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