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Bindings for Volkl Kuro

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I'm going to pick up a pair Kuro's for cat skiing & deep days, maybe some off piste hiking. What would be the best binding? I'm 6' 4", 190 lbs, strong skier, especially in the deep. Gettin' old though, at 45, so a bit more conservative these days.
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If you search here & TGR, I suspect you will find a bunch of discussion on exactly this topic.


However, two good/easy choices that are readily available are a Marker Jester or a Salomon STH 14 (or 16). Both are available with brakes that will fit a Kuro just fine without the need for a bending project.


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Why the hack are you posting this in the Member Gear Reviews forum??!

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Because he's had exactly three posts, and we tend to cut new folks some slack. Especially in May. AndesRider, spindrift has it about right. Incidentally, what's your favorite ski place down there? 

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beyond hit the nail on the head. I posted my question here out of pure ignorance. Sorry for the rookie error. I just tried to find out exactly where I should have posted my question and "Ski Gear Discussion" looks to be it. Should I start a new one?


Anyway, my favorite resort is Valle Nevado, although Portillo can be great with some chutes and off piste terrain that is easily accessible from the lifts. Staying at the hotel is a great, old ski, experience. Ski Mag wrote an article on Portillo recently which is seriously lacking in objectivity, but none-the-less, gives you an idea about what the place is like (http://www.skinet.com/ski/mountain-life/lodging/2010/02/high-society-skiing-in-portillo-chile) Valle Nevado caters more to the intl crowd (Brazilians, Argentinians and N. Hemisphere folk). I went to the U of U, basically because I had skied Alta the year before, and Utah spoiled me rotten. The ski resorts down here are nothing like the big ones in the US. they are smaller, and everything is way above tree line, with a few exceptions down south (ex. Chillan). There are lots of surface "poma" lifts, and ammenities are not that great. However, there can be some great snow and there are lots of sunny days. The heli skiing must be outstanding, and I have sampled similar terrain at a cat skiing operation a couple of hours from Santiago called Ski Arpa (www.skiarpa.com), which is where I will be taking the Kuro's this season.


That leads me back to me original question. I found a pair of Jesters on Paragonsports.com for $240, but I also wonder if I should just use the 2nd set of plates for my Head Railflexes and mount them on the Kuro's and save the money. I use the Railflexes on my Mantras and like them, but thought maybe the Marker hype about wider bindings for wider skis might have some merit. So, should I get the Jesters or are the Railflexes good enough?

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I've used RF's on Goats, like the extra leverage you get with some lift. But not sure I'd go all the way to a Kuro. The Jester price is decent. 


Thanks for the info on Chile. And  no need to repost; a moderator will move this. (Hear that, guys?)

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Thanks for the input. I already reposted the question - oops - and apeyros gave me his two cents. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.


I think I'll go with the Jesters. Hell, it's only money


If you, or anyone else for that matter, ever come down here to ski I would be happy to help out with arrangements, planning, whatever, or just hook up to make some turns.

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