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Antipodean forum please?

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All of us south of the equator read the forums and trip reports here to help us survive summer with dreams of year-round skiing.


Epicski admins - how about a forum, like the Eurozone, for those of us skiing on the bottom of the world? We can then share our powder day stories for you all to read to while your summer away...   Our season lasts from mid-June to late October and sometimes into November depending on the snow.


Here in New Zealand we get a lot of manufacturer's gear a season ahead - so the 2010-2011 ranges will be hitting our shops soon, I'll post reviews on any gear that I get to demo....

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Go right ahead and post in the universal trip report forum.  I don't care if your skiing on Mars in May.  Just because the local ski hill has to close, doesn't mean we stop reading the forums, and there's nothing on most of them making them hemispheric-specific.

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Meganh, put them in the trip forum - love to see

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Yes, trip reports in any hemisphere all fit nicely in our Trip Reports forum. 

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Every summer (mine) I enjoy the TRs from the Southern Hemisphere in the Trip report forum.  I don't see any reason to change anything.

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Maybe, I'll have to post a special invitation for the folks doing the southern hemisphere.  If there is a need for a forum like Eurozone, I'll be glad to consider it.  We were looking at some statistics on site visitors yesterday and in the June-September period, the Australian and New Zealand members greatly out-number our European members, ranking third after U.S. and Canada.   In the October to March period the Euros wake up and move into the third slot.  It would be great to have a greater presence from the southern hemisphere and we recently added Paulski to our bootfitter forum.


One big difference is we speak a similar language.

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Welcome to EpicSki, MeganH!


I agree with the others--skiing is world-wide and year-round. The conversations don't stop when our northern snows melt away. I'm not sure why we need a special Eurozone section either, but be sure that EpicSki spans the globe. 


So, how is the upcoming season looking down your way? Where do you ski most of the time?


Our lift-served skiing in Colorado ends when Arapahoe Basin finally closes--early June this year. Please keep us all posted and reminded of what it's like to make turns on snowy mountains!


Best regards,

Bob Barnes

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Hi all,


Thanks for the contributions. I'm more than happy to post in the main forums, now that I know you guys are still interested and they don't lie dormant and unvisited during your summer. I guess I was fooled by the eurozone being there as a separate thing.


We're in the final countdowns to opening for the winter here around Christchurch, with the first ski area scheduled to open on 12th June. Most open in late June or early July and operate through to early-late October depending on snow and skier numbers. Sadly we have a much shorter season here - I have been reading the trip reports with envy thinking are they STILL open over there??  At least I finally got to Canada this year for a month to feed the habit but unfortunately mistimed my trip to get NZ conditions with the pre-games pineapple express. Still, it was skiing - in January - so can't complain.


I normally ski at one of the so-called "club" fields (ski fields is what ski areas/resorts are commonly called in NZ - why I don't know!), Broken River, where I am a member of the club that owns and operates the ski area on land leased from the government. We plan to open on 3 July but are often the last ski area still open in October.


Broken River Ski Club is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in the 1950s to promote the sport of skiing and social interactions between our members, with the early members starting to build the ski area facilities that we enjoy today. We still have an accommodation lodge in use that was built by early members who had carried the materials up to the site on their backs! We operate a small ski area (if you imagine the upper parts of Cedar and Lizard bowls at Fernie as far down as the bottom of the Bear thats probably roughly about the size plus adjacent backcountry areas) where we employ a handful of staff during the winter and the rest of the maintenance, administration, financial management and other stuff that a business like a ski area needs is done by club members over the winter and during the rest of the year. We have great summer weekend "work parties" at the ski area doing the maintenance work where we get to catch up with our ski buddies.


Our ski area is basic, no frills skiing as it used to be. No fancy cafes, no chairlifts, no grooming, no queues (having to wait for more than 4-5 people is a queue, often its straight onto the tow). Just good snow, friendly people who are passionate about their little ski area and ski club, and ski tows that are basic but work really well. I have put up a few photographs on the resort entry for our ski area , and there are some videos on YouTube (just search for Broken River). Some of the best are also linked from our website. (new website coming soon)


So, yes, I will post lots of skiing stories here for you all and have my fingers crossed for lots of powder days this winter. I am sitting at home by the fire, after an indian summer that didn't seem it was ever going to end, we finally have cold (and wet) weather with a couple of hail showers today and snow forecast to about 400m elevation over the next couple of days - our first snows of the winter.




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Megan, we have included a place for review of Australian skiing in our Gear Resorts and More wiki section  Australia and New Zealand Resorts.


You can edit the reviews and add missing resorts, and of course add them to your list of things on your home page.  If we can get locals to give us insights and reviews of these resorts, it would be really nice.  Also, don't hesitate to post trip reports in the Trip Reports forum, and keep an eye out on Get Togethers for activities being planned in your region, or create your own.   We would like EpicSki to better serve the southern hemisphere while letting us live vicariously through your skiing in July, but that really depends on you and others in that part of our skiing world.   And thanks for kicking it off with your input to the Broken River review

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Masters racers who want an off season holiday and some good racing should check out our web site "". This gives the dates for our events for this season.

Most events have three races an SG, GS and SL. Queenstown has an easy DH, gs and SL.

A number of North Americans come down and enjoy the racing.

Entry forms will come up on the site next month. Would love to se you down here.      

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Hi All,


Haven't posted in a long time.


I've started an Australian-focused blog:


This time of year it will largely be focused on Skiing in Australia.


Hope you all enjoy it!

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