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Bug warning for "bid.openx.net" coming from Epicski

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My Trend Micro software is calling out a high priority warning when I have opened up Epicski.com for the last several days.  It's coming from what's labeled as "bid.openx.net/________", the blank standing for a whole lot of numbers and letters in a jumbled order that I didn't feel like writing down.

I haven't seen any ill effects, but thought it was worth mentioning.  Maybe it's coming up in the ads along the right margin?
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I'll alert the tech team. Thanks.
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I get the same warning from the TrendMicro software on my work laptop.  Haven't seen any ill effects, but the pop up warning window is sure annoying!

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Hey guys,

I've looked in to this a little bit and confirmed that EpicSki does not appear to be serving any malware ads.  It is possible that Trend may be showing a false positive or something like that, so I'm looking in to the matter further.  Because it is relevant here too, here is my response to a similar question last month:
Thanks for the reports.  I have verified that EpicSki is not serving any malware directly; however, in very rare cases, malware authors are able to sneak infected advertisements in to a site (as the New York Times learned last year).  I have checked with our ad operations team and verified that only trusted ad networks are running on EpicSki, so that is unlikely to be the case here, but sometimes these guys even get their ads in to the Google ad system that occasionally runs here.  I have passed the information you have provided along to them so that they can investigate further and double-check to ensure that EpicSki users are as safe as possible.

As a general rule, the best way to protect yourself is to make sure that you're using the latest version of your Internet browser, with all the applicable security updates.  Doing so will prevent pretty much all of the attacks currently out there on the Internet.  If you are using Firefox, you can grab the latest version (3.6.3) from the Mozilla website; if you are using Chrome, you can grab the latest version from the Chrome website.  If you are using Internet Explorer, your best bet is to run Windows Update.  Similarly, if you are running a Mac, Software Update will allow you to update Safari.  Also, because a lot of malware targets vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, if you have it installed, be sure you are running the latest version by heading here.  Finally, if you're using Windows, there is no substitute for running an updated antivirus program.  AVG and avast! both offer free high-quality antivirus solutions if you don't already have one.

I'll let you know if I learn more about problems on EpicSki, but at this time, it appears that things are safe.
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"This URL is currently listed as malicious" is the reason Trend Micro is tagging this.
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