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A short video..

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Here's a little clip shot last weekend. Nothing much, just me making a few turns, on moderate to flat terrain. I've been messing around with my video capturing / editing so I figured I'd post something.

http://users.pei.eastlink.ca/~epeters/epeters_ski.wmv (~400KB)

Comments, criticisms welcome and appreciated!


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Wow! Looks to my "quasi-trained" eye like you've really mastered the goal of two-footed skiing, something I'm still striving for. Both skis seemed to be making the same turn. In my skiing, there's not as much harmony and cooperation.

Do you think personality could be a factor in getting both skis to work together?

I liked your fade in too.

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That is some beautiful skiing...
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Nice skiing!
It looked like you were forcing it a little, maybe using more edge angle early in the turns than the pitch/speed would necessitate. But that's a style thing only as long as you have contol over it. Hard to see but the stance looked good and the poling motion-bringing the outside arm forward with a motion that matches the arc of the ski track was good and looked natural. It was hard to tell if you were smiling. You should be.
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Talk about pole touch

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Nice turns. Good action with both feet. Good angles formed by the legs with the torso remaining upright. Skis working really well. Can you make the same turns when the hill gets steeper? Can you make the same moves in different radius turns?
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Beautiful turns! That video has ski racer written all over it. Finding fault in that video borders on the ridiculous.
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Nice skiing. Do you race or instruct? I'd love to see you ski on steeper terrain where you could power your skis more. That was a rather flat pitch. You looked really comfortable though. Nice video too. Are you skiing on slalom skis?
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I liked the two footed arcing, the lengthing and shortning of the legs, the quite but dynamic balance, edge angle matching with both skis, smooth transition from one turn to the other. Great leg action, no huge lead change the feet were under the hips and you stay centered thru out. This is a good tape to keep in the archives when the question is what is good skiing. If your desired outcome was to make short round turns in the fall line then it was outstanding! If not you need some work. The ski you were on was a 162cm?
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Not bad, I guess. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Actually, pretty nice turns. Was that shot before or after we watched some video in the shack (while I was nuking lunch)?

Anyway. If you've got a few minutes tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, I'd appreciate a little help getting myself on film. I've gotten 6 turns on tape all year - need to figure a few things out.

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the great comments, I really appreciate it. I'm currently coaching K1/K2 level athletes at a small hill (~600ft) in eastern Canada. I have to say that by skiing here, I fall victim to what I like to call "small slope syndrome". However, after a few days skiing steeper terrain I can hold my own. I'm graduating from university this spring, so hopefully my future holds bigger mountains!

In the video I'm skiing on Head iSL RDs, 161cm.

Thanks again for the kind words,

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No mention on the amazing camera skill used to shoot this video???

Damn shame if you ask me....
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