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Daily driver in Tahoe to go with HT

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I’ve been trying to read a bunch of reviews and various advice posts about Tahoe daily drivers but have frankly started to get a little overwhelmed and somewhat confused. So I thought I’d just ask for advice for my specific situation.


I’m 6’5” but only 185 lbs (it’s in my genes). I’m fairly coordinated but far from a star athlete. I skied a fair amount growing up, particularly after college when I got about 100 days in one year in Utah (Snowbird got over 650” of snow that year! – 92/93). Since then I’ve been mostly snowboarding until this past season when I was essentially given a pair of K2 Recons (177). I’ve learned that I love skiing again and decided to double my quiver with the beloved Dynastar HT (killer deal at Level Nine). Since the Recons get so little love on this forum and are frequently called “boring” I’ve been strongly considering replacing them with something more exciting for my non-HT days so that I’m not missing out on this excitement everyone is talking about (but I would need a good off-season deal to justify it).


I will only have a two-ski quiver and therefore put a lot of value on versatility. I’m an advanced skier but not an expert. I’ve found that I like to go off piste about 70% of the time if the conditions are good. I like to attempt bumps and would like to improve on them, so I don’t want a ski that will make bumps even more difficult. I really enjoy carving, especially short and medium turns. Compared to the speeds of others on the hill, I would say that I like to go “fast” about 30% of the time and more medium speeds the rest of the time. Perhaps my priorities would change on different skis – I like to feel in control. Since my reflexes are not that quick I tend to enjoy focusing more on technique rather than bombing down the hill. I don’t want a ski that will kick my butt or wear me out quickly, but I am interested in more excitement if it’s available (I actually have had a lot of fun on the Recons but am certainly open to even more fun). Recommendations?

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Yes....you are confused.

The HT is already a pretty good DD for Tahoe. Given your goals (bumps) and your experiences on the Recons (a lot of fun) I don't see why you would change anything. It is easy to find something in the width range of the Recon that is better on hard snow or more stable at speed, however any ski that gives you that will be more work in bumpazz. OTH you could find a ski that is even easier than the Recon for said bumpazz, but it won't be as stable nor will it grip any better. (maybe not even as well)

So.........Recommendations?.........Yes, keep what you have.

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Makes sense, but if there were other skis that were only a little more difficult in bumps but a lot better in other areas, I'd be very interested. I've gotten the impression from various reviews and comments that it is not always a zero-sum game, i.e. giving up in one performance area does not always mean giving up an equal amount in another performance area. For example, if I lose 10% bump performance but gain 50% in carving ability, I'm interested. As another example, I love the feeling of the tails popping out of a turn (I assume that is the "energy" that people talk about). If there was a ski that gives me a lot more of that than the Recon but is only slightly more difficult in bumps, I'm interested.

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KASTLE MX88 or MX78, want a little wider?  MX98.  done! :)
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 SJ is right, if you have fun on what you have, don't change anything.  

If you are really burning to get something more exciting than the Recon, there are plenty of skis in Blizzard, Dynastar, (or other brands) lineup.  if you want to complement the HT, you can go for a wide carver (Blizzard 8.7?) or a narrow-ish midfat ski like the Sultan 85 or Head 88.  
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I will agree with SJ, run with the dogs that you brought. I will ask the two questions, one being the size that you are, you probably don't have an "out of the box" foot, consider getting a good bootfitting done, you might find that what you are losing is not from the skis but from the boots. Second, what was the last time the Recons saw a serious tuning, not jsut a good waxing but a full tune? Since you are skiing out of Tahoe, for both of these questions, talk to SierraJim and his crew. 
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 ^^^^What they're all saying. For Tahoe, your existing quiver sounds pretty nice, especially the HT's. As far as Recons, not my cuppa tea, but gotta give them cred for bumps and variable snow. My strategy would be to get em tuned, live with them for the year, see what comes up in your head at the end of next season. You might find out what you really want is more like an AT rig, if you really get into the backside, or for Tahoe, some true carvers (eg, 68-72 mm with serious grip and some beef) are a good investment. Then you keep the Recons for rocks and bumps, and you have a three ski quiver, much more versatile than two! Stare at this for a moment and you'll begin to agree. You are getting sleeepy....
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