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More Bird 5/3

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 The weather cleared last night and it was a bluebird day at Snowbird.  I'd been hearing stories of waist deep powder all week and looking at TRs...The wind had come up overnight and much of the tracks from yesterday were blown in. Mineral Basin and everything off of Little Cloud Chair had a fun, springy windbuff consistancy and was basicly untracked... nothing like yesterdays blower- but who's complaining. Mid morning, patrol opened Road to Provo and the entire Gad Valley that had been closed for days. Yep, thigh deep blower, close, anyway. A bit compressed, stiffer than mid winter, but a nice may outing.... I had no camera because I didn;t want to stop or torture you guys, and hell, Josh's and UPP's pics are so dope. But,it was too great not to take some pix, so here are some crappy phone shots I arted up...Have a great summer everyone!





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And by crappy phone pictures, you mean still enough to make all of us jealous, right? Looks like a great day!
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Cool, I bet it was awesome up there May 3rd with all that sunshine and new-ish snow.  But having skied 3 out of the last 4 days prior, it was time for me to get some work done.
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