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Atomic Downhill and SG skis

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Hi folks,

I was going to put this in the For Sale section but figured it'd get more exposure here.

We have a limited number of 2008-09 Atomic DH skis in 210 length.  Still in the shrink wrap.  MSRP $1350.  Yours for $299 with free shipping to the lower 48.  Bindings not included.

We had 2007-08 Super G in a 205 length for the same price but sold out in a matter of days.  We expect to get a couple more pairs in the next few days but they won't last long.
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Thanks, I have a pair of the DH skis on order. Are the plates pre-drilled for binding mounting? If so what bindings will they accomondate? If they accomondate the race 614 or 1018 which do you recommend? I have read a lot about reliability problems with the 614 heel in the past. I am 5'11" 165lbs but have a short boot length of 295mm. I'm thinking the 1018 would be ok on a lower setting. I plan to use them for Masters racing in the Rocky Mountain region in particular at the Ski Cooper races.
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UPS says your skis will arrive on Tuesday. 

Yep, the plates will accept either the Race 614 or the Race 1018 but considering the speeds you'll be racing, conventional wisdom suggests the 1018. 
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I plan to go with the 1018s. I just talked to a friend who reminded me he had the heel of a new 614 disintegrate in the Winter Park Masters GS this past season. This is the same complaint I have seen from a lot of people. It seems these 614 bindings have an inherent design flaw.

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