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Elan Fusion S12

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I have chosen to buy the Elan Fusion S12 for this season....my first new skis in 3 years. My local salesman is telling me to buy a 176 length. Elan's website ski selector indicates a 184. I'm 6'2" 210 and an agressive level 8 east coast skiier. I wont be able to demo as I am getting over recent shoulder surgery but want to have a new pair of sticks when I start. Just a few years ago I was on 207's then dropped to 193's....now everything sounds short to me but I realize the technology is changing. Does anyone who is familiar with this ski think 176 is too short?
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I think that you will enjoyt he shorter length more than you will enjoy the longer length. The ski is not going to give up edgehold by dropping down those 8cm. What you will gain though, is manuverability. You will still have the wide body to use off piste and in variable conditions, but it will just be easier. Short turns will also be more fun for you i think. If youa re not concerned with short turn quickness and want more of a long turn carving ski, go with the 184 of course. If you want something a little more snappy, go with the 176.
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I also have developed a fondness and respect for the Elan Fusion S12, having skied it on groomed only in 160 cm length. What would be gained by my skiing it in the 168 cm length?

I'm a truly average skier, 5'8" tall and 150 pounds.
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oboe, my view is if you found nothing not to like about the 160, stay on it. I think that it's best to ski the shortest length that is stable enough for you. What changes with longer length? More stability, longer turn radius, less maneuverability. But, it's all relative, of course!
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i donno guys? it depends on what you're on. don't blow turns out for a little more responsiveness. peace.
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Two highly respected and reliable sources have advised me to go with the 160 - so, I am. Picking them up after work today, new in the box, bindings and all, from one of my supervisors who's the Elan rep at Smugglers' Notch (pro form price). Will teach and free ski on them this weekend.
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Congratulaton Oboe are your ski choice. Can't help myself in posting a previous post. We all get lucky once in a while.


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posted January 26, 2004 04:40 PM
"My prediction is that if he demos them, the Elan S-12 wins the competition. It seems wide enough to handle eastern snowy conditions well enough, and with its narrow waist, I can't imagine it not being substantially faster edge to edge than the Mantis and therefore Oboe would enjoy having both a thinking body, a dancing mind and those quick dancing feet. "
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Where is that post?! Give me a link!
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P.S. I probably will also get the Mantis 666 Fusion, to round out the quiver.
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I want to get the mantis 666, simply for the name... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Now that I have learned that you also are getting a Mantis 662, most of the wind is out of my sails. Heres the link so you don't think I am making this up.


Down near the bottom.
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rvwink, not the 662. It will be the 666 Fusion version.

VitaMan, I found that the Elan S12 Fusion does everything the Stockli Spirit Free does - and more. Also, the S12 Fusion has better construction than the Free.
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rvwink, you weren't all that far off. The S12 Fusion is a winner.
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Originally posted by Vita-Man:
Oboe, What happened to your extreme fondness for the Stockli skiis?
Might you be thinking of Mr. Yuki, not Mr. Oboe?

For example, see http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...=004298#000012

Tom / PM
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No, Physics Man, he meant me, oboe. We've discussed this.
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Oh, my mistake. I like Stocklis and I know Yuki does, but didn't realize you were into them as well.

Hope you are having a great season and lots of fun teaching!

Tom / PM

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Vita-Man, I make no blanket judgment of Stocklis versus Elan or anything else. The Stockli Spirit Free (a really terrific ski) and the Elan S12 Fusion (another really terrific ski) fill the same niche. Their construction is different, but more inportant for me, the difference is in the range of performance.

The Stockli Spirit Free is a great carver that hates to skid. Due to it's tail flair and great edge, it tends to hold on to a turn.

The Elan S12 Fusion is as good a carver as the Free with an edge that equals the Free. However, it is quicker out of the turn into the next turn, it more easily (for me) varies turn shape, and it skids when I want it to skid.

This is a matter of personal preference only. Each to his/her own.

Not only did I get them on a proform, I also got them from one of my supervisors, and the whole family is happy.

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