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In honor/memory/thanks...

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Same thought as other threads, but different approach.

I want to thank Lisamarie for her insights into training for balance.

I want to thank Bob, Todd for the finer points.

I want to thank skier_j for skiing with me.

I want to thank Wear The Fox Hat for making it fun.

I have just mailed a "donation" in all of your names to AC to keep this site up and running.

As instructors/coachs we post here to help others.

As skiers/riders we read for the search for a better time.

If you want to keep this site up and running, please give a donation honoring/memorializng/thanking someone.

AC posted in the Community thread, BobBarnes posted in the general thread. This post is to get the others to give a "tip"(different thread) to the organization that gives you the most on a daily basis...EpicSki.
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KeeTov, a few month ago I sent a nice check to AC when he started to get overwhelmed with the growth of the forum.

At the time I thought of it as a one-time donation. Now I'm going to make it an annual one, so at least from me, AC can count on what ammounts to a subscription.

Thanks for the reminder.... ...Ott
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Thank you for the mention. And now that d-chan has joined the "dark side" and became an instructor, I hope my insights as epics "professional student" have served as helpful feedback to instructors.

One thing to keep in mind, AC cannot accept paypal payments. They charge a steep fee for accepting payments.
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Don't worry LM I'm still the student too. I spent 3 days out of my last week being a student In Whistler. Not in "pro teaching clinics" but actually taking the same classes (semi private) you can sign up for..

and My check should be in the mail tomorrow morning too..
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