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Bandit B3 compared to XW Fury

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With much encouragement from friends who regularly ski in California and Colorado I demo'd several different mid-fat skis this past season. The best experience I had was on a 2010 Salomon Fury, but that ski is proving difficult to find now, and where it is available it's too pricey for me to pull the trigger. So I'm continuing to poke around on the net.

I'm looking forward to getting the search over with so I can forget about the ski and just focus on improving the skiing next season on slope and in the bumps and trees in what seem to be typical western conditions: a few inches of fresh snow, or crud/slush depending on time of year. If I ever ran into deeper powder I would rent or borrow something fatter.

I've come across some used 2006 Rossignol Bandit B3s for a good price, and for those who might have an informed opinion I'd be interested to know how you think they would compare to the Fury?
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I've skied them both & really liked the XW Fury much better. If you like a mellow, fairly soft flexing ski that's pretty damp, buy the Rossi.  If you like a poppier, stiffer ski that holds an edge better on harder snow (but still rips in soft), go with the Salomon.
You may want to look around for '09 Fury's to save a wad of $.  I don't think they changed the ski at all between years (except graphics).  Evogear.com had a decent price on some w/ bindings.
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Based on something I read online I believe there may be some slight differences in the different Fury model years. Regardless even the 2009s do seem a little hard to find, and the prices are not coming in that low where I have seen them, so...

I found a very lightly used (only driven on Sundays by Grandma, etc) 2006 B3 for a very low price, so I'm gonna give it a try. From what I've been able to read on this board and elsewhere the B3 seems like it could be a pretty solid/neutral ski for me to continue to learn on; I'm hoping it'll be something I can settle into and use as my main ski for the next year.

Thanks for taking time to offer your feedback!
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I did pick up the B3s and skied them for a few days in different conditions at A-Basin. I purposely wanted to go a little on the short side, but was concerned that 168 would be too short. However, I spent a lot of time letting these run on firm blue and black groomed runs, and they never felt the least bit squirrelly to me. Turned great in bumps, (even if I didn't - still learning), and felt very solid as I got bounced around on the earlier morning icy hillsides. Axial 100 bindings were easy to adjust, never pre-released, but did release properly the one time I hooked a small sapling on a hillside in Montezuma.


All in all I feel like these are great skis that I can enjoy and continue to learn on over the next year or two, and I'm very happy with the purchase!



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