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Public Service Announcement: Free Race Camp 2011

For those who do not use the All New Posts function, Rick posted a wonderful offer of a free race training camp at Breckenridge, CO in 2011 in the Getting Together Gatherings and Let's Go subforum.

This race camp should be an excellent opportunity to be introduced to racing or to improve existing racing skills which will also significantly enhance your everyday freeskiing.  Racing is a lot of fun. 

To indicate your interest, sign up now in the "Free Race Camp 2011" thread in the Getting Together Gatherings and Let's Go subforum (NOT in this Racing subforum) since participation will be limited.

a) indicate interest (expression of strong desire to attend, not yet a commitment)
b) mention preference for January 2011 or December 2010
c) suggest potential race camp names without Epic or Bears in name

Ski Coaches as of 4/30

- Doug Briggs (MastersRacer)
- Ric Reiter  (vail snopro)
- Rudi Riet  (Songfta)
- Rick Schnellmann (Rick)

From Rick's original post
...So let this be understood:  Epicski is doing nothing to organize, promote or endorse this event.  The ideas for, and organization of, this clinic is coming solely from myself and the other volunteer coaches.  No affiliation with Epicski is implied, or exists. 

To maintain that layer of separation and protection we have been requested to not include "Epic", or "Bears", or anything that can be identified with Epicski in the naming of our camp. long as a person is skiing parallel and has the desire they qualify.  With multiple coaches we're going to be able to break up into ability groups.  No problem being a first-timer in the gates, we're expecting to have a number of those in the camp, you'll be fine.   The course is very friendly for never-evers. 

...I've talked to MastersRacer and VailSnoPro, and they're excited to jump in to help coach the event, so we have 3 high level coaches to staff it.  For those of you unaware, MastersRacer is a past US Ski Team member, a current coach, and Colorado's fastest Masters DH racer.  VailSnoPro needs little introduction here.  He's one of Epics most respected instructors, with an extensive racing and coaching background.  And as for little old me, I'm a race coach of 30 years who has now redirected his focus to bringing high level skiing skills to recreational skiers. 

With this staff of coaches, this is going to be an event not to be missed.  As such, we're going to have to limit the number of participants.  If you're interested let us know in this thread, so you can get you're place on the tentative list. 

The focus of this camp is going to be twofold.  It's intended to introduce racing to those who have never tried it, and also to hone the skills of those already involved in it.  We will be conducting the camp at Breckenridge, and using their NASTAR course as our training course. The Breckenridge NASTAR course is fairly gentle, so it will serve as a great course for people to get their feet wet in gates.  It will also allow those with some experience to focus on honing their skills, rather than on simply surviving. 

Our thought is to make this a two day camp.  The first morning we will focus on building important race orientated skiing skills, outside the gates,  then get in the course in the afternoon.  The second day will have a heavy focus on the course, bringing the skills you learned the day before into the gates, working to hone them there,  and chopping chunks of time off the clock.  The ever present timing will provide instant feedback on your progress, and we'll supplement that with video and personal critique from the coaches.  I anticipate each participant going home with a personal best NASTAR handicap. 

The coaching at this camp will be completely free.  The only cost to participants will be their travel, lifts, and NASTAR race course fees ($15 a day).  What we need to do now is come up with a nifty name for the event, and decide when to have it.  It was suggested by someone that early in the season would be good, so people would have time to go home and practice with their new skills before the snow melts.  i think it's a good idea.  I would suggest either sometime early December,  or wait till January.  If we wait till January the snow will likely be better, and participants will have a better chance of adding a bit of free skiing of the mountain, before or after the camp.  Plus, for most areas of the country, your home resort won't kick of their NASTAR racing until January anyway. 

So, let us know if you're interest in this camp,,, give us some name ideas for it,,, and tell if December or January sounds better to you.

...Our new coach is Rudi Riet, known here on Epicski as Songfta.  Rudi has an impressive racing background.  As a Rowmark Academy graduate, he trained under the illustrious Olli Larrson.   A speed event specialist, Rudi was a FIS and NorAm level competitor in DH and SG. His coaching history includes working camps for Rowmark, serving as head coach for the Connecticut College Ski Team, and assorted Masters Racers coaching duties.  He and Olli also continue to consult on a regular basis  on the ever evolving state of race technique.  I'm very pleased to be able to make this announcement about Rudi stepping up to join our staff of volunteer coaches. 

**** To bump this thread, so other Racing subforum visitors notice it, post your thanks for this idea here in this thread.  However, be sure to go to Rick's original thread to indicate your interest in the "Free Race Camp 2011" thread in the Getting Together Gatherings and Let's Go subforum (NOT in the Racing subforum) since participation will be limited.
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