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 Having returned to Skiing after a few years away I embarked on some research to find gear that would allow my old bones to ski at the level that I could rip it or cruise if I wanted to. Well I did away with the 5 year old M2trom 11's  and got a pair of Rossi Mutix 11's.
Results were interesting......Dropped my 5 year old Salomon Xwave's for Nordica Sport Machine's...Mistake,miss my old boots.(I did hand them on to my brother in law who skis better than me and has 2 Super Kids to support,he had my Flexon Equipe Comps,did ask for them back ...result.Not happy with the wishy washy Nordica's I found your site and joined.Got a pair of Fischer MX Pro's at knockdown prices,pair of poles and an amazing pair of Level  Racing Mitt's for about 35 cents on the $>Given that I live in Canada,they took care of everything and I did change my mind on the boots from a lower level boot these guys got it sorted,shipped across the border and in my hands inside 7 days.First Class Act and one of your sponcers.

Thanks Epic and thanks Level Nine.Never  Going Back to retail,even from Canada.

PS They even listened to my dreams and sent snow to Sunshine, Banff,Sorry Whistler{inside voice said" Up Yours. BC

PPS Got a pair of Salomon 24 hour and a pair of Rossi 9x from another deal