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Private message - how to undelete message? and a couple of other things (FireFox)

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Firefox 3.5.5 on win 7 (64 bit) I am unable to reply to a private message, though I can using IE 8. Are there certain setting that need to be turned on (I have Java on BTW)

Also thru the issue with reply in FF, I inadvertantly deleted my original message and replies that I had recieved - so they are now sitting in my trash folder - how can I move these back to the inbox?


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That's an interesting issue, that inability NOT to remove something from the TRASH.  Why leave it there if you can't take it out?  It's apparently related to the fact that we can't move things into folders. 

I'm using FF 3.6.3 on Win7 64 bit with no issues on the reply.  Is the Reply button missing or something?
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I read that on some other forums that use huddler.com some users have reported issues with FF and reply text window - is this what I have I have no idea - but I have 3 systems that all have the same 'issue' I read that there is an issue within FF and how it handles iFrames - a fix is in the 3.7 release - don't know if this is the issue and by no means do I pretend to knw if this is the problem, and why others seem to have no issue what so ever.

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This is what I see below my messages and I have FF.  As you can see, there is a "Reply" button:


The picture you are displaying looks like what you see in the threads, not the private message area, which is odd.  I'd try flushing your cache and restarting FF.  Maybe Java is screwed up or something.
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I cleared the cash - and replied - so I will monitor & try on my other system (one of them being my XP 64 at work) I also do not let Win 7 auto update Java - as I have a root logon & a user logon (not unlike Linux) so I will also update Java.

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I asked Christina about this and got an interesting reply.

In terms of the PMs in the trash, it is a known bug that they cannot be permanently deleted once they are in the Trash folder.  There is currently no way to move a PM back to the inbox.  However, if the PM thread receives a new reply (from the other individual on the thread), it will appear in the user's inbox.

In terms of the reply box coming in grey, that is an issue we've been working on for quite a while now.  These are some notes from our product manager on the issue:

It's an internal Firefox bug with the way iframes are handled and we've been tracking it directly on Mozilla's bug system (bugs copied below). There are numerous bugs open against this from a number of site operators, and so far Mozilla has 1) promised a fix in a future version 2) closed a lot of the bugs filed against this issue. According to them the bug is very deep in the core code (it's been around since version two) and this makes it more difficult for them to address. In other words, it's not skin cancer they can lop off with a scalpel. This one is brain cancer.

Ultimately this is Mozilla's bug to fix. What we can do is hack around the problem by adding special checks and force-refreshes and artificial throttles into the load sequence of the page, for Firefox users specifically. Some of that is already live, but these hackarounds can be as slippery as the bug itself, and we have clearly not closed all loopholes on this yet. 

This issue has our full attention. I don't have an ETA for a fix but I am riding our engineering team to get it out ASAP. We will have to do a batch of these hack-arounds and we won't know truly how successful they are until they're out with real users in the field. This work has begun already, but handling this bug is going to be iterative.

We have put in several hack-arounds already and are releasing an updated version of the editor with the next release (coming to EpicSki either Thursday or Friday of this week).  We're hopefully this will resolve the vast majority of these issues.
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So that's yet ANOTHER bug, you can never truly DELETE a message.  He's trying to UNDELETE a message from the trash, but apparently, it's there forever!  I never realized that!
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Well, if he can get the original recipient of the message to reply to it, it ends up in his inbox again,and he can manage it from there.   It is a pretty bizzare work-around.
We are getting improvements on a regular basis.  I bet this one will eventually get worked out.
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