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Caw Caw!!

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 Sickbird today videos to come as soon I can edit HD video.

but how about these stats. 

23 inches in 48 hours
19 inches in 24 hours
18 inches in 9 hours
12 inches in 4 hours

Max snow fall rate 3 inches and hour!!

forecast another 11-19 by friday afternoon

10 trams today, every run had untracked snow lots of run you didnt cross tracks we took some pictures.

Pretty much the worst conditions ever if it wasnt for the thigh deep blower powder

erik said this is the deepest snow he has ever skied(I dont beleive him because we had one day at stowe that was better than this!0

Almost sunny at the end of the day

this makes

me happy

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I am heading in the wrong direction :(
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Holy cow.  What planet are you on?  PLANET STORM
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FKNA!  the last picture tells the whole story!  Sweet, enjoy bro' tell Eric to rock those Mad's
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 FKNA is right. 
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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post

I am heading in the wrong direction :(
Sounds like you need a back up plan 
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Holy Moly... look at the weather report!
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Some people get to have all of the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Get enough for all of us easterners Josh!
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video teasers

me@Wilbere Bowl

Me@Pucker Brush funny fall at the end like I always say I suck.

Me in the white "Green Room"

my car even gets in on the action

today in mineral basin
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Nice.  Keep the TR's coming.
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Fantastic!  I liked the face shots in the car the best.

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