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Prior Khyber = awesomeness!

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Hey all, 

Just a quick note... I recently got a used 160cm Prior Khyber board for about $150. It cost another $100 to tune it up, fix some delamination, etc. My old board was a beginner 156cm 24/7 snowboard. 

The Khyber is supposed to be a powder board as it has a large nose and is supposed to not dive. Well, I'm not good enough to venture into powder with any degree of success. But I can say that compared to a beginner board, the Khyber is a dream! It's Incredibly stable and turns really smoothly. It also doesn't grab in the snow. This could be a function of the new tune on it. 

In the skiing world it's always a concern that a new skier not get "too much ski". But for a boarder, I think almost anyone past the ultra-beginner phase can handle the Khyber. And there's room to grow into it too--some of my friends who are super strong boarders swear by it. It's not a terrain park board--but... for an older guy like me (nearly 30) who has no interest in the park, it totally meets my needs.

So if you're looking to upgrade your gear, try out the Khyber! 
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Today was a powder day at Whistler with around 16cm of snow freshly fallen. The khyber actually blasted through all the new snow. It's unbelievable: only 20 days into my snowboard career and I can board on powder--versus the 100 days it took on skis! I think it's the board's doing. Top points!
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