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Butt carving

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It sounds like you actually only have one big ski, with your feet mounted transversely, this would explain the technique.
I'm not technical, but I've read of this type of "skiing" before.
I think Todd M says it's some new-fangled style called "Snowboarding"
Sounds like an interesting idea, but I doubt if it will ever catch on.

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Sounds like fun, and everything the ACL saver video urgers you to avoid.

Hope you're not soon saying chow, adieos, asta lavista to your acl..........
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I bet there is quite a funny thread over in Pouter that links back to this one and the "wedge to wedge christy" thread.

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Butt carving

I enjoy riding the inside edge of my inside ski. While riding it I like to sit on the snow. Right butt cheek on a right turn, left on a left turn. It tends to both wear out my pants and dazzle my ski class.
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I have seen an instructor in my area teaching the butt carve. It is an amazing technique, and it is catching on big in my area. I think it is going to sweep the nation as the new style. I am going to bring it up at my next PSIA clinic.
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Sure, Sally. What's your PSIA Cert # and when did you earn it?
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I think the word is crack.
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Take a hike, chump!!! We don't have time for what is pretty clearly a waste of time post. And, SallySkiBum, You wouldn't be related to IAM#1 would you???????? : -------------Wigs
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The children have escaped the playpen again. Time for a few blue healer babysitters.


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Sweet! Can you give us some instruction on this butt carving? I'm really interested! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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