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SAD and RTC Repair Surgery

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I was hoping not to visit this forum for a while but here I am...again.  As the title states I had subacromial depression surgery (shave the bottom of the acromial to make room) and rotator cuff tendon repair yesterday.  The original plan was for the SAD only because my MRI in November showed the rtc had tendonosis and wasn't torn.  I fell in February (skiing of course) and I'm pretty sure that was when I tore the rtc.  Pretty sure if I fell on my other side it would have been ok, but since my right rtc was already damaged, it tore.  OS said it was hanging on by a thread.  Didn't do another MRI since we planned on doing the SAD anyway.

I've been doing pt since November.  Pretty easy to work into my daily routine as I still give my knee PT every day (tore acl and mcl two years ago).  I'm going through the process of re-aligning my goals since the recovery time is going to be a bit longer than originally anticipated.  One week in a sling has turned into 4-6 weeks and no driving for a month.  OS said I have to be out of the sling and drug free to get the ok to drive.  It will be annoying, but I think I can work that out.

Work is pretty good and I'll probably be added to the telecommute list for a while.  All I need is a computer and a phone for most of what do.

Fortunately I'm still not in much pain.  I can feel where the work was done but it doesn't really hurt.  I guess it should by now (30 hours post op) but maybe the block is still working.  I'm doing the pain maintenance and anti inflammatory as prescribed but I've only taken two percosets so far today, one at a time and I'm in less pain than prior to the surgery.  I'm expecting this to end soon so I'm enjoying my good fortune while I can.  especially glad I can use two hands to type again.

Anyway.  Thought I'd join the party over here for a while since I haven't visited since last summer.

Any insight as what to expect is much appreciated.

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well wishes for a speedy recovery!  Gee, had to look up what acromial means.  PT i've heard is always the best route for minimizing down time.  I'm fortunate not to have suffered any surgery type injuries and for that i'm glad.

again, heal quick, only think i can add is diet is also important for a good recovery.

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Thanks.  Been trying to reply for a few days but the drugs have made me too sleepy.  I can't believe people do this (drugs) for recreational purposes.  I can't wait until Tuesday when I take the last pill.  That of course may very well change when all the pain killers have exited my body and I feel the pain that has been masked lately.

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