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TR: Roadtrip 2010

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I haven't posted here in awhile so I may as well return with some video road-stoke. A core group of us plus some other people hitting the road with us for one trip or another had a big year. We did it in three phases; one for 12 days into the interior B.C., one for 10 days back to the interior, and one for 12 days into southeastern Idaho. Here's our story.


We started the new year right, leaving Jan 2 for Revelstoke and Selkirk-Tangiers heli-skiing. Stability was an issue all season, especially early so we couldn't get the steeper or more open terrain but still got some good snow and had some fun. Here's S-T followed by an awesome day at RMR:



Revelstoke Mountain Resort:



After Revy, our group split up and a couple of us went to Snowwater (sorry, no video or pics) while the others hit K3 catskiing and Big Red Powder Cats. After a few days, we hooked back up for White Grizzly. Too bad the Pineapple Express was coming in as we weren't able to fully explore what WG has to offer. We're definitely going back. Here's what we got though, and it was fun!



After going home for about 10 days, we took off again and headed back up. Our first stop, Retallack. If you haven't been, it's got to be on your list. This place is off the hook. We only had two days before we had to move on but those two days will be the new standard for me.



After Retallack, we made our way northeast to Chatter Creek. This place is remote but worth the road miles. It's more open, mostly alpine terrain but stability was improving over the few weeks from when we started so we could get some steeper stuff. This was a blast.



To finish up the second leg, we went to Fernie Wilderness Adventures. Doubling as a fishing lodge in the summer, FWA is a down home 'remote' adventure just about 15 minutes out of Fernie. We had heard it was flat but not where we went. There is some really fun terrain in the Rock Garden and Big Quarry that we spent most of three days in. The video shows it pretty well. Never mind the nutcase at the beginning, he's just the host for our shows:



Coming home again, we left after just 5 days and hit Grand Targhee for two days, Sun Valley for two days, then onto Soldier Mountain, Pomerelle, Pebble Creek, and Kelly canyon. Here's some of the time we spent but without anything from SV or Kelly Canyon. We shot there but I don't have any clips from them. If you haven't skied some of the smaller areas such as Soldier, Pomerelle, Pebble Creek or Kelly Canyon, I highly recommend it. With a bit of hiking and some locals showing you the way, you can find some really fun stuff.


Grand Targhee: Managed to catch a little new snow with beautiful blue sky.  The views are awesome!



Soldier Mountain: This is a great alternative to spending all your time at Sun Valley.  It's a fun little hill with some decent snow, at least on this day.  I don't know if it's always okay but I've been there twice and hit it good.



Pomerelle:  Apparently nobody skis trees there.  We were the only people hitting the untracked in the woods.  This is a fun place.



Pebble Creek:  I really like this place.  It's smaller but it's got great steep stuff and fun terrain.  Plus the backcountry access it provides is pretty big.



We finished the season back home at Schweitzer with a day hitting Selkirk Powder Company on April 7th with about a foot of new to close out the year.



El Nino or not, we managed to put together a pretty decent year and had a lot of fun.  Thanks to all of the people who made all this happen, especially the people at the various operations and resorts who were spectacularly friendly and hospitable!  Can't wait 'til next year!

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Quality stuff!  I will have to set aside some time to watch all the videos, but it looks like some fun skiing.
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Wow! Awesome videos! 
Are you looking for any new friends?

My son saw me watching these and said something to the effect of "ski season just ended, why are you torturing yourself?"

I think Pebble Creek is a good time too--would love to hit it after a big storm.  How does Pomerelle compare?
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Very sweet Bill,

We're skinning up Schweitzer tomorrow for some turns in the new snow.

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SB77 - Both Pebble and Pomerelle have their strengths.  I liked Pom due to more and a little bit better snow but it doesn't have quite the terrain that Pebble can offer.  But, you have to hike a bit at Pebble to get to the better terrain and, depending on stability, you might not be able to get to it.  What was really cool about Pom was that, like I mentioned above, nobody apparently skis the trees.  There was untracked snow all over the place, two days after the first storm went through.  That just doesn't happen where we normally ski.

Si - Have fun up there tomorrow.  I've been threatening going skinning up there but, for one reason or another, haven't done it.  I'm thinking about maybe hitting it next weekend; we'll see.  Hope you had a great inaugural season up there!
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Goldmember, thanks for the videos.   I am retired now so I watched all of them.  It snowed here last night too.
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 mmmmmm, snow!
Thanks for sharing.....
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Holy crap! Those clips look great! Thanks for posting those! What camera/format did you shoot those on? P2? Did you overcrank in-camera or in post? Excellent shooting, there! (Oh yeah, awesome skiing, too!).
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studio460: Thanks but you're asking the wrong guy on the camera stuff.  I don't shoot it, I just ski.  The video work is by Peak Video Productions, who are friends of mine that produce a variety of TV shows and these are just the daily clips they put together when we're on the road.
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Watching that stuff hurt sooo good!  Thank you.

You folks live well. 

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