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New to epic ski, line prophet 100 everyday rider

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This is my first post here and with kirkwood closing last weekend i'm beginning to dream about next season.  So many great days this year, it's hard to say good bye.  Any hoot, I picked up a pair of line prophet 100's and love em.  I'm wondering if other tahoe skiers could suggest another ski to complete my quiver, basically the 100 does everything well, will i need a more narrow ski for true "hard pack" days?  If so what would you recommend?
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Hi welcome to Epic - Short answer, IMO yes, you need a carver of some kind for Tahoe to complement your Prophets when it's been a while since the last storm. Longer answer: It would help if you talked a little about your size, style, where at Tahoe you like to ski, what other skis you've liked.

Second, try searches with keywords like "2010 skis" or "(brand of your choice)" and some of the threads will be reviews, ranging from carvers to fatties. Sierra Jim and Dawgcatching both post informative multi-ski reviews, and ski in the far west, so good feel for your type of snow. Third, nearly every company makes nice 70-something carvers these days, so the choice may not be critical. Brands differ more in feel than in quality, so pay attention to what feel makes you like the Prophet, apply that to carvers. 

Fourth, go Google Real Skiers, their reviews are pretty solid, especially for someone who's not already focused in on a brand or model. For a nominal $ you can join and have access to more detail, numerical ratings. I also find the reviews from Ski Press World (try their Ski Finder, it's faster than leafing through old e-issues) and Ski Canada to be useful. Latter posts info about individual testers, which skis they liked. Less enthusiastic about Skiing/Ski. Good luck. 
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Thanks for the reply...about me, 5'11'' 205lbs and ski the whole mtn, i started skiing when i was five or six at a small hill in the midwest.  I'm still improving my technique in mogels and love powder days if the storm is cold enough to drop light snow.   I also enjoy relaxing days on the groomers when my dad vists from back east.

I pretty much ski kirkwood exclusively, i live in the sierra foothills and it's only an hour from my house in Sutter Creek.  I try and get to north lake for long weekends and ski alpine and squaw a couple times a year.

Thanks for the heads up on the reviews on this site...i'm looking for an off season deal in the 70-80ish range.
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 I'm a Tahoe rider and this season I used a grand total of 3 skis.
I started out the season on a pair of 188cm Lib Tech NAS (99mm waist) and toward the middle of the season I moved to a pair of 181 Blizzard Titan 9 (86mm waist). I actually found the latter pair to be a solid all-mountain ski for Tahoe: they rail groomers fairly well, handle chop fairly well, handle Sierra Cement okay, and handle boot deep pow okay. 
For deep days I went with my classic Spatulas.

So, for me, a pair of 86mm and a pair of reverse camber 125mm did the trick for the season and I have logged 107 days on the snow (and still counting) at Northstar, Squaw, Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Sierra, Boreal, and Sugarbowl and pretty much hit every kind of condition, from refrozen mank to fresh pow to Sierra Cement, paste, taters, and sweet corduroy. 
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It sounds like adding another ski would be beneficial, now i need to factor in cost and not too much overlap with the prophet 100.  After reading reviews im thinking between the dynastar sultan 85 and the head monster 82.  I've never skied on blizzard skis but the titan9 sounds like a great all mtn ski.  I need to convince my wife that buying another ski is a good idea.  I spent 6 years on the dynastar ski cross 10, buying two pairs of skis in a season isn't too much to ask for.

It took me 3 years of living here to log 100 days, Dookey67 you are living the dream.  We had a huge storm roll into the foothills the past 2 days i may try and hit squaw one more time.

Thanks again for responding.
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I would think you would get more enjoyment out of more specific powder ski. Keeping the prophets as your daily driver.
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